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Urwerk UR-110 EASTWOOD wristwatch


The UR-110 continues Urwerk’s radical tradition of telling the time using orbiting satellite complications. In the UR-110, the time is always shown on the right side of the watch. The satellites follow a vertical line, graded from 0 to 60 minutes, in a downward motion. The UR-110 also features a Control Board on the dial side with indicators for “Day/Night” and “Oil Change” – Urwerk’s service interval display, as well as small seconds on a sub dial. Turning the watch over, the titanium back encloses an innovative automatic winding system regulated by dual turbines. 

 2-urwerk-ur-110-eastwood-wristwatch 3-urwerk-ur-110-eastwood-wristwatch 4-urwerk-ur-110-eastwood-wristwatch 5-urwerk-ur-110-eastwood-wristwatch

all images courtesy of URWERK