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Vision Collection by Roseanna Crawford

Khara Pringle

Drawing inspiration from the human eye and the circular shapes within, young Irish designer Roseanna Crawford has unveiled her debut collection for Spring/Summer 2017. Designs have been created via draping on the stand, pattern cutting and editing garments in live fits, resulting in playful, fashion forward silhouettes for the game changing woman.

Neutral tones are present throughout the entire collection; however, pops of colour and an innovative digital print have been added through the inspiration of blurred vision. With a chevron like digital print leaving the eyes disorientated, alongside pops of blue and iridescent shades, affording balance to the collection.


The collection embodies a Sports-Luxe aesthetic through a highly considered and edited selection of luxury and technical fabrics. Defying the norm use of these materials, originally geared towards athletic apparel. Roseanna utilizes these fabrics by creating bold, statement pieces that are intended for layering up or down in everyday situations. Transcending the functional use of the fabric from sweat to sophistication, the aesthetic targets women who desire to actively make a stylistic statement, within the comfort and support of high performance-wear fabric.

With the goal in mind to bring fresh design to the market, Roseanna has also created a stunning 3-d printed handbag to accompany her collection.

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