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Voice Recognition and Augmented Reality, the Future of Gaming

Voice Recognition and Augmented Reality, the Future of Gaming

With the release of a handful of games that became extremely popular, and the development of new technologies, and hardware setups, the gaming industry experienced a lot of growth in the last couple of years. More and more people are picking gaming as a hobby, and because of that, gaming developers are more eager than ever to release new and better products to the market. Gaming was an industry always willing to experience with new technologies, and even develop their own, and because of that many emerging technologies experienced widespread popularity and adoption in the past. There are a handful of technologies that got released in the past which, with a bit more improvement can surely change gaming and the way we interact with software forever.

Voice Recognition

Voice Recognition is a technology that has been around for a while and has made a couple of waves on the internet thanks to hardware virtual assistants such as Alexa, or entirely software based ones like Bixby and Siri for mobile, or Cortana for Windows. Such a voice-controlled virtual assistant can be of great help since it can easily help you to keep lists and reminders, or play music, videos, call people, or even search the web for you.

The best part is that Voice Recognition software is getting better and better each year, allowing for this technology to be implemented in more industries than just virtual assistants. One of the industries that showcased some interest in using voice recognition is gaming.

Voice controlled games sound like a futuristic concept, and even if we might be far away from actually seeing a complex game being fully playable through voice, the possibilities of this implementation are endless. Even if we already have games that have certain voice features, controlling a 3D character through voice is not possible yet.

But, there is one gaming niche that could implement voice recognition perfectly, and that is gambling. Online gambling has seen a huge rise in popularity lately considering that online casinos such as Gametwist Casino, keep on innovating this space, allowing people to play these games without actually having to be in a land-based casino.

In order to play a casino game such as blackjack or roulette in a land-based casino, you would have to use your voice since there are no buttons in real life. And, considering that online gambling always intended to be as similar as possible to the land-based gambling, Voice Recognition in an online casino would allow players to have a more authentic gambling experience.

Augmented Reality

Even if there is a major difference between Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, because of the similarities present in their name, people can barely distinguish one from the other.

Virtual Reality allows the users to emerge themselves in an entirely virtual and often fictional realm. On the other hand, Augmented Reality uses Virtual Reality but it combines it with elements from the real world, being a mix between a virtual world, and a real one.

This technology can be used both for the creation of unreal games but, also for real-life situations such as utilizing it to rethink the design of your house by visualizing the changes in real time, on your phone.

Similar to Voice Recognition, Augmented Reality can also benefit greatly the online gambling ecosystem, allowing for the development of unique and fascinating games. Such a technology would allow the people to play a casino game on the table from their kitchen, while still being in a virtual casino.


Looking back at the past, gaming has experienced a lot of tremendous changes since its invention thanks to the development and improvement of new and better technologies. Voice Recognition and Augmented Reality are only two out of the numerous new technologies that will surely improve both, the gambling universe but also gaming in general.

Considering how fast technology evolves, the next few years are looking very exciting not just for the gaming industry but for all technology-related industries in the world.