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What to Expect on Helicopter Tour

beautiful coastal view from an helicopter

Matheus Bertelli from Pexels

Flying in a helicopter is a thrilling experience, and everyone must try it at least once in their lifetime.

However, some people find it a little overwhelming, especially when it is their first time onboard a helicopter. Although some may find it overwhelming, the pristine landscapes you will view when on a helicopter tour will make it all worthwhile.

The Pilot will always speak

Before the helicopter takes off, the Pilot will give you a safety briefing. Listen to every word they say.

When the Pilot points out where they have kept the first aid kit and the life jackets, please note it.

Seats are assigned based on the weight of every passenger (to balance the helicopter). It would help if you sat in your appointed chair.

There are always safety measures

As you know, the helicopter doesn’t fly on land. They fly above the ground. So, safety measures aren’t taken for granted.

For the safety of the passengers, helicopters have many in-flight safety measures built-in.

To ensure passengers don’t get tossed around when the helicopters swoop and serve, they must wear seatbelts all through the flight.

Everybody also gets noise-canceling headphones to keep the helicopter’s noise away and communicate with the Pilot.

The chopper also has fire extinguishers for use in case of fire.

All helicopters also have life jackets for use during a water landing and emergency kits, which contain ropes, knives, flares, and other emergency equipment.

 beautiful coastal view from an helicopter

A little anxiety is okay!

If you’re a seasoned helicopter ride passenger or it is your first time taking a helicopter ride, know that feeling scared is very typical.

After a short while, the good news is that any anxiety will fade away as you try to take in all the sights through the windows.

If you feel you will be sick, know that some, not all, helicopter operators will provide a sick bag for all passengers – showing you how to use it during your safety briefing.

Delays or cancellations

It’s all well and good checking the weather to see if there’s any risk your helicopter ride will be canceled, but there is still a risk.

A person who is not familiar with what type of weather affects air travel will incorrectly deem it suitable or not – the reality is helicopters could be grounded.

If you risk your helicopter ride being canceled, the helicopter operator will contact you before you head out to let you know it is off.

However, you’d want to phone the operator themselves to get an update on whether the flight will go ahead.

If the operator does tell you all is okay, know that things can still be canceled if the weather changes unexpectedly.

If the weather is perfect for a scenic helicopter sightseeing ride, then expect a delay to your flight if it’s a busy time of the year.

Expect the unexpected

One significant unexpected occurrence during the helicopter tour is the wind or sunshine affecting the comfort of your ride.

In the wind, especially if you’re taking a doors-off helicopter ride, you will be affected by the wind in two ways.

One, the wind will affect anyone with long hair, so it will absolutely need to be tied back, and two, wind can lead to chill, so wear layers if you know it will get cold.

Then there’s the intense sunshine that will affect all passengers at some point as the helicopter’s route will lead to the sun shining through in all directions.

Take your cue from the Pilot wearing sunglasses; if it’s something the Pilot has to wear, passengers will also need to.

So it’s recommended all passengers – even if you don’t like wearing sunglasses – bring along a pair just in case.

What’s suitable for wearing in the car should be the same clothing in the helicopter.