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Why Install A Management And Access Control System In A Car Park?

Why Install A Management And Access Control System In A Car Park?

To secure access to your car park, it is possible to restrict access only to authorized persons. Through a system already in place connected to an access control solution, such as Nortech Control, you filter users according to their access rights.

The 100% dematerialized service, eliminates the distribution of remote controls or badges, the recurrent change of batteries and secures your space.

In which parking areas can access control systems be installed?

  • Parking spaces within a company: limit access only to employees or their guests
  • Parking spaces in a private residence: avoid non-legitimate “wild” parking
  • Parking spaces within a collaborative workspace: optimally accommodate all visitors or coworker – the reservation of a workspace can be linked to the reservation of a parking space
  • Private parking spaces: physically privatize the reserved areas

The controller is installed so as to be completely invisible to the end-user. It is adorned with all attacks, ensuring the seamless security of your parking.

  • Simplicity and speed of use for an unprecedented experience
  • Access becomes active when the user is near the accessible area.
  • Once you have arrived at the entrance of the car park, just click on the screen to trigger the opening of the obstacle and access to its parking space in complete autonomy.
  • The user does not need to get out of his vehicle, nor even to extend his arm to trigger the opening.

If it is a reservation made upstream, the user has received its access directly to the validation: on arrival, so there is nothing easier!

 Why Install A Management And Access Control System In A Car Park?

Simplified management and autonomous users

The Security Center, the management interface of Nortech Control is available on desktop, tablet or mobile. It allows the manager to grant access rights to its users.

It is possible to assign permanent access to daily users: employees of a company, residents of space. They will then be able to access the car park independently.

For periodic or occasional users, it is possible to give them temporary access over a defined time period. They will have access to the car park on the authorized time zone but once this exceeded, the access will be automatically null and void. 

Manage the opening hours of your car park

As a manager, you have the possibility to define the opening hours of your parking space.

These schedules adapt perfectly to your planning: they are customizable according to the days of the week. For example, the car park can be open from 7 am to 7 pm during the week and closed on weekends.

For even more efficient management, you can set time restrictions that will be assigned to your users: valid parking access in the morning for example. Outside of his authorized hours, the user will not be able to access the car park

The manager can change the opening hours at his convenience and remotely, it’s all the power and agility of Nortech Control!