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Why is It Important to Include Your AC Design in Your Interior Plan?

Why is It Important to Include Your AC Design in Your Interior Plan?

This summer staple isn’t pretty when it is jammed in your windows or bulking in your ceilings. ACs are not usually a part of the original design of the house and are installed sometime later. If you feel that they are eyesores on your interior, you can into decorative accents.

There are ways to make this hulking box, but a piece of important equipment, integrate with your architectural features to help achieve a nice-looking interior design. Hide the units stylishly or decorate them and you’ll have the best of both worlds, a cool indoor and a cozy atmosphere.

 Why is It Important to Include Your AC Design in Your Interior Plan?

Examine your Room Information

Before starting your renovation check the space where the cooling system is or will be mounted. Fashion out a plan that will improve the appearance of the space. There are designs available online or your creative mind might just do the trick. Consider the dimensions of your unit, materials needed, budget, the time and effort to complete the project.

Integrating mini splits with the existing interior decor

Ductless mini-splits are the in-thing these days because of their reduced electricity bills and a wider cooling coverage. Maybe, mini-splits were not around when your house was constructed, hence it was not included in your design. But these units are great for reducing electricity bills and cools a wider area.

  • Build a false beam to surround the unit and you won’t notice the appliance. Combine this with sunken lighting or mount it above the window to make your space look great without sacrificing functionality.
  • Great spots for mini splits are above the doorway, bookshelves, cabinets or bed. Housing this in an open shelf integrated into the wall creates a visual interest that harmonizes with your interior design.
  • Keep the design simple and cheap by matching the color of the wall with the unit. Install a decorative element for a smart and chic accent to enhance the existing decoration.

 Why is It Important to Include Your AC Design in Your Interior Plan?

Hiding the ugly window-type AC

After years of good service, your window-type AC show signs of wear and tear however it still functions well. There is no reason to discard your trusted unit because of its cooling power but you can do something about its unsightly appearance – hide it.

  • Add pizazz to your space by covering your old equipment with a bit of decorative paper and lifting it when you want cool breeze.
  • Cut the back of a bookcase and mount cabinet doors to enclose the unit. Keep the doors closed when not in use place needful things on the open shelves.
  • Surround the system with a chalkboard cover it can also, function as a memo board.
  • Cover the surrounding space with fabric mounted on cardboard, it will lighten up the spot but unfortunately, nothing can be done to improve the face of your unit.

It will not be complete without a makeover of the exterior portion of your AC. Use wooden DIY with hinged corners for easy folding, lovely lattice connected with zip ties will hide it well.

 Why is It Important to Include Your AC Design in Your Interior Plan?

Keep your Cooling System in Top Working Condition

The spot where the air conditioning system was installed is a nice addition to your aesthetics but the clanking sounds are irritating, continuous use took its toll.

Regular upkeep will keep your cooling system in good working condition is old or new. A homeowner can perform simple maintenance especially to old, poorly performing units producing a foul scent.

  • Be sure that the unit is unplugged.
  • Unscrew the front cover, remove and clean the filter with plain water. If it is contributing a bad smell use scented soap or laundry detergent.
  • Spray the front coil with a cleaning agent designed for mold removal, dirt, grime and other foreign materials from the coil.
  • Install the cover and filter and wait for 10 to 15 minutes and run the air-conditioner. Set the thermostat to low cool adjusting it to high cool.

Other than routine cleaning call a professional air condition service provider for air conditioning repair and complex maintenance activities.

Creating a custom cover for an eyesore will transform the spot into a beautiful focal point improving the aesthetics of the interior décor. Simple paints, patterns or woodworks will change the appliance into an artwork hiding cooling systems and accentuating the interior.