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Brooks + Scarpa Designs a Unique Concrete Shell for Youth Sports Complex Field House in Florida

Youth Sports Complex Field House, Pompano Beach, USA / Brooks + Scarpa

Brooks + Scarpa

California-based studio Brooks + Scarpa has unveiled a remarkable design for a sports complex in Florida. The central structure, known as The Field House, is a stunning 4,100-square-foot building that serves as a hub for concessions, offices, and storage for the surrounding sports fields. What sets this structure apart is its unique sloped concrete shell, which not only adds an eye-catching element to the complex but also cleverly showcases the beauty of rainfall. Additionally, the Field House proudly displays signage that represents the sports complex, further enhancing its overall appeal.

Youth Sports Complex Field House, Pompano Beach, USA / Brooks + Scarpa

The Field House is characterized by a glass structure enveloped by a concrete pavilion. This pavilion, designed by Brooks + Scarpa, is both playful and sculptural in nature. It features a unique sloping design, with certain points of the shell descending towards the ground and creating large openings. These openings serve as linkages between the interior and exterior spaces. The roof of the concrete pavilion gently slopes downwards towards a central point. This design allows for efficient water drainage, as rainwater is collected by gutters and directed into a nearby rain garden. This strategic placement takes advantage of the abundant rainfall in Pompano Beach, a municipality located to the north of Fort Lauderdale.

“The roof is sloped in a way to make a spectacle of rainfall from the scupper,” said Brooks + Scarpa. “The rain cascades from the roof into a rain garden where the water is infiltrated back into the aquifer.”

Youth Sports Complex Field House, Pompano Beach, USA / Brooks + Scarpa

The northern side of the structure features a metal lattice that has been painted in a vibrant yellow hue. This lattice creates a visually captivating undulating pattern as it connects with the ground and is suspended above at certain points, forming a curtain-like entrance to the porch area.

To add a welcoming touch to the complex, small metal tabs were carefully attached to the lattice poles, forming the letters “YSC”. This serves as a distinctive sign that can be seen from a distance, signaling the presence of the complex.

Youth Sports Complex Field House, Pompano Beach, USA / Brooks + Scarpa

The yellow color of the lattice is not limited to the exterior. It is also carried inside, adorning the ceilings of the porch overhang and some of the facades of the interior structure. These areas are clad in corrugated metal panels, further enhancing the cohesive design.

To combat the intense heat of the Floridian climate, large blue fans are suspended from the porch ceiling. These fans provide a refreshing respite for visitors, ensuring their comfort while enjoying the outdoor space. The porch area has been strategically oriented to offer unobstructed views of the surrounding fields and the adjacent parking lot.

Youth Sports Complex Field House, Pompano Beach, USA / Brooks + Scarpa

According to the studio responsible for the design, the concession area and office space have been strategically positioned to provide clear views of the fields and parking areas. This not only enhances the overall safety of the complex but also contributes to creating an attractive event space.

The design of the complex prioritizes durability and cost-efficiency. The materials chosen for construction are highly durable, ensuring the longevity of the structure. Additionally, these materials have been selected with cost-efficiency in mind, allowing for the creation of a functional and visually appealing complex within budgetary constraints.

Youth Sports Complex Field House, Pompano Beach, USA / Brooks + Scarpa

Incorporating a “low-impact” landscape design, the complex takes advantage of a water-gathering system installed on the roof. This system allows for the collection and utilization of rainwater. The landscape design features gardens adorned with rocks and shrubs, interspersed with patches of grass and circulation paths that lead visitors away from the Field House towards other facilities within the complex.

Spanning across 10 acres, the Youth Sports Complex boasts fields dedicated to soccer, football, and lacrosse. This expansive space provides ample room for various sporting activities, catering to the needs of young athletes and sports enthusiasts alike.