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10 Ideas For Your Room To Satisfy Your Inner Geek

10 Ideas For Your Room To Satisfy Your Inner Geek

Home decoration is a very personal choice and the idea of what a beautiful decoration is different for different people. For instance, an introvert may prefer to have a fluffy rug and on the other hand, a techie would like a big screen right in the bedroom. If you are a geek and you are planning to design your room, here are ten tips that you might like to consider. 

1. Go for professional colours 

Geeks are often associated with professional people and the colour scheme, therefore, should be professional too. Instead of loud colours, consider going for classic blacks and other muted colours like whites, beiges and light blue. It is a nice idea to keep the wall of solid colours and devoid of any colour patterns. 

2. Buy sophisticated furniture

Avoid eclectic furniture and pick up furniture that talks about sophistication. Further, while buying furniture, try to understand its functionality. Everything that you buy should have practical use. 

 10 Ideas For Your Room To Satisfy Your Inner Geek

3. Usability of prime importance

It’s of no use decorating the room with items that hold no meaning. When it comes to usability, go for the furniture which makes sense for serving a purpose. For instance, have a sofa simply to sit and have a conversation, a desk for working. 

4. Keep the books in an accessible location 

A nerd is all about learning and when it comes to learning, there is no bigger friend than books. If you are into books, ensure that all the books are easily accessible to you. A shelf that goes from the floor of the wall to the roof looks very fancy and good. Consider getting a ladder too if you want to uplevel the game. 

5. Create a dedicated space for intellectual conversation 

An introvert cannot help but engage in an intellectual conversation. Create a dedicated space inside the room where you can hold such conversations. Having an armchair is a great way of manifesting it. Further, you can consider putting posters of Word Unscrambler to indicate the complexities of intellectual conversations. 

6. Put your achievements on a display

If you have won an award or have a degree, put these achievements on display. You can buy a shelf which is dedicated to show the achievements that you have earned till now with, of course, space for your future achievements too. 

 10 Ideas For Your Room To Satisfy Your Inner Geek

7. Have a good study desk 

If you are a reader and often end up studying, having a comfortable study desk and chair is a must. Consider investing in a good classy white study desk that has enough space to hold your books. A nice addition to it would be a great study lamp to help you stay focused. You can also try keeping items of your choice in the study desk. For instance, if you love to play word games, consider having items connected to Jumble Solver to give it a personal touch. 

8. Have a vision board

Vision boards are very trendy. It is a nice way to manifest your goals. It keeps you reminding yourself of all your life goals on a daily basis. Consider investing your time in Pinterest for collecting images that match your goals and pin them up on the vision board. You can directly hang this vision board right in front of the study desk where you can see it daily. 

9. Have a resting space 

Nerdy business can be very tiring and therefore, a resting space is a must. Add a comfortable sofa or a bed that contrasts with the colour of the wall in the room with a nice pillow and a warm blanket. For adding a pinch of warmth, add a fluffy rug too. 

10. Place a chair beside the window

Rain, coffee and books are a major combination. When the weather is all nice, you might want to read a book while sipping a cup of coffee enjoying the weather. You can enjoy the weather to the fullest when you place a comfortable chair right beside the window to enjoy the cool air and weather. It is also important to add some blinds to the window if you want to avoid the sunny light when it sometimes becomes too much to bear. 

Finally, a nerd needs a designated nerd room to spend some time alone with the books. Remember that the preference of how a nerd room should look differs for every person.