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10 Ideas To Refresh Your Bathroom

10 Ideas To Refresh Your Bathroom

If you’ve ever walked into your bathroom and thought it looked a little drab, you’re not alone. You try to look up ways to refresh a room in your home, and you often find that it can be expensive, or out of reach for you at this moment. The truth is, you can bring your washroom back to life with a few steps and update fixtures, paint floors, create extra storage or have a creative window, wall, or mirror treatments at an affordable price. For more tips on DIY, check out this guide.

Wallpaper an Accent Wall

Wallpaper is generally pretty expensive, so why don’t you try covering only one wall in your bathroom? Pick the smallest one, preferably one with no windows for easy application. If you can’t afford wallpaper, try taking out a few pages from a book or a magazine and pasting it on the wall. If you already have these books, you’ll only have to put out the cost for adhesive.

Add Candles and Other Accessories

Candles that are lying around the house and not being used could add a lot of style and substance to a dull space. You may be uncomfortable lighting said candles in your bathroom, and if that’s the case invest in some decorative or fake candles. If you have paneling with a ledge, you could add some cute lettering that spell “Bath” that rest as decorative accents to transform your home. My-home-zen-spa.com also provides plenty of creative ideas to create that spa feeling.

Dress your Windows with Shades or Panelling

Not everyone has a window in their bathroom, but if you do, there are a lot of ways to dress these up. If your window rests in your shower, install plantation-style shutters. They provide privacy and block direct sunlight. Vinyl ones are also mold and warp-resistant – which is much needed in a bathroom. If your window isn’t within your shower, you could dress it up with Roman shades with an eye-catching pattern.

 10 Ideas To Refresh Your Bathroom

Painting your Walls and Floors

Painting an accent color underneath a chair rail can add much-needed pop in a white bathroom. Brushing your old boards or tiling with a glossy porch paint to match your color scheme is also another great option. If you’re creative, you could paint a square checkered pattern or circles throughout the floor and ceiling.

Tiling, Tiling, and more Tiling

Buying tiles in bulk can be very cost-effective, especially if you’re planning on doing a small section of your bathroom. Tiling your countertops or adding a stone slab is an easy DIY project. Caulking is also cost-effective! If you’re not too jazzed about tiling your countertop, you could try tiling around your bathroom as a separator between two accent colors on your walls.

Shower Curtains

One of the biggest fixtures in your washroom is the tub and or bathtub. If you’re looking for a low-cost upgrade to your space, adding an interesting or different colored shower curtain can bring a lot of warmth to a cold space. Add interesting looking shower curtain hooks that match the look of your Simply Plastics splash back and the rest of your bathroom as well!

The Magic of Mirrors

Mirrors, when used correctly, can make a space feel bigger. Used, vintage mirrors can be found in almost any antique store or garage sale and can be refurbished to look amazing. Or, if you already have a mirror, you could find something to surround it, for example, a Victorian-era cast-iron fireplace frame, tiles, or wood.

 10 Ideas To Refresh Your Bathroom

Pick a Different Colour Palette

Maybe you’re getting bored of seeing the same old colors every time you enter your bathroom. Why not try blue and white, or yellow and white? Why not try something classic or modern? If you do like your color scheme, you could change it up throughout your bathroom. Make your floor the same color as your walls, or your flour the same color as your accessories.

Use Different Lighting

When done right, you can turn your ceiling into the focal point of the washroom. Installing a medallion and a handsome hanging fixture, like a small crystal chandelier or an oval light, can make others draw their eyes up. Just make sure that if you’re installing this yourself to turn off electricity to that part of your house before messing with wires.

Add Storage Throughout the Space

There are a lot of creative ways to add more storage to your bathroom. Add a towel rack, a wall-mounted cabinet, a DIY shelving unit, or carve out a wall niche. If you can’t add any more storage in your bathroom, see if you can add a little nook under your sink or in your shower by adding a hanging shelf off of the showerhead.