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12 Simple Ways To Practise Sustainability In Everyday Life

12 Simple Ways To Practise Sustainability In Everyday Life

The ice caps are currently melting, forests are on fire and our planet is rapidly facing the consequences of climate change. For the sake of the entire human race, it’s imperative to make immediate and firm sustainability changes.

But with environmentalists and sustainability gurus preaching all the things you should be doing, jumping into sustainable living can feel overwhelming. However, it doesn’t have to be that complicated. 

In fact, by making some simple changes to your everyday life, you can make an impact. Take a look. 

  • Ditch Single-Use Cups

Your morning routine of getting coffee from your favourite coffee shop is creating a lot of waste. Think of the amount of single-use straws and throwaway cups you’re sending to landfills. Start carrying your own reusable coffee cup and straws. 

  • Unleash Your Inner Chef

Gone are the days when vegan food was basically eating salad and bland food. Today, there are endless flavourful options available. If you don’t have any vegan restaurant nearby, unleash your inner chef and cook up some recipes. Niomi Smart and Goodful are great Youtube channels for easy-to-follow vegan recipes. 

  • Quit Retail Therapy

Fast fashion is affordable but incredibly bad for the environment. And, would you rather spend on high-quality clothing that will last for years? Or a poorly manufactured trendy piece that will go out of style? 

Shopping less frequently would be best for the environment and your wallet. Thrifting is another great option! Discover additional ways to make your wardrobe more sustainable with this guide from retailer, Childrensalon.

  • Discover Sustainable Brands

From candles to cleaning products, nearly everything has a sustainable alternative available. With a quick Google search, you can easily discover sustainable brands. 

  • Re-evaluate Your Energy Plan

To reduce your impact on the environment, it’s best to switch to a renewable energy plan. Opting for green energy is essential to reduce greenhouse emissions. Head over to Origin Electricity to discover affordable green energy plans.

  • Go Digital

In today’s day and age of digitalisation, there’s virtually no need for paper. From books to bills, you should choose digital alternatives and go paperless.

  • Shop at Bulk Stores

Most grocery items come in several layers of packaging, which is often excessive. Start shopping at bulk grocery stores. You can carry your own containers and pouches. With bulk shopping, you’ll minimise packaging waste and enjoy discounts.

  • Try Alternative Transportation

Instead of driving your car for every small errand, try biking, walking or taking public transport. It’s much cheaper and also reduces your carbon footprint. You can also start carpooling to work with your coworkers.

  • Conscious Energy Consumption

Consume energy consciously by turning off lights when not in use and making the most of natural light. In addition to helping the environment, conscious consumption will also allow energy savings.

  • Minimise Water Wastage

Just because you’re fortunate enough to have access to clean water, doesn’t mean you can misuse it. Try to practice water conservation by taking shorter showers and doing laundry in big loads.

  • Religiously Recycle

There are so many things you can easily reuse and recycle. For instance, glass milkshake bottles can be used to store pantry goods or as planters. You can cut up your old t-shirts to make kitchen towels. Head over to Pinterest to learn smart ways to reuse and recycle.

  • Eco-friendly Skincare & Makeup

When picking skincare and makeup products, look for sustainable and ethically-manufactured brands. 

Also, instead of using makeup wipes or single-use cotton pads, buy a reusable cloth flannel.

The Bottom Line

It would be incredibly convenient if transitioning to sustainable living was an overnight process. But it’s multilayered and gradual, so take your time. Every effort counts!