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3 Tips to Spruce Up Your Apartment This Winter

3 Tips to Spruce Up Your Apartment This Winter

The winter chill is close upon us! Before you know it, everyone will be retreating indoors to get cozy in the sanctuary of their home. If you’re looking around and finding your apartment to be dreary and uninviting, it’s time to spruce things up. After all, your home is where you’ll spend most of your time — only stepping foot out into the cold when it’s absolutely necessary.

Before the cold sets in, spice up your apartment in preparation for the winter. Here are 3 easy tips to follow if you’re in need of an upgrade!

1. Give Old Furniture A Makeover

It’s amazing what a DIY project can do for your home. Take a look at your apartment and pin-point areas that need improvement.

For example, if your coffee table is looking rough, try staining it to bring it back to life! Or, if your wooden desk is beat down, give it a makeover by applying chalk paint for a vintage look. Doing this yourself will save you money and give you a fun project to stay busy on.

Perhaps your couch has some tears and scratch marks (courtesy of your beloved pet). Or maybe, the fabric on that old armchair passed down from your grandparents is looking worn. Instead of hauling your favorite furniture to a donation center and starting from scratch, reupholster it.

Reupholstery is when you give worn-in furniture new material but keep its original frame. Dumbo Reupholstery NYC notes that one of the many benefits to reupholstering is having a high-quality piece of furniture. Think about it — nowadays, affordable furniture is mass-produced meaning the frame isn’t as high of quality.

 3 Tips to Spruce Up Your Apartment This Winter

2. Add Greenery 

During the winter months when the leaves have fallen and the temperature makes spending time outdoors in nature a rarity, having some plants is a great way to make a house feel like home. There are plants for every skill level, whether you have a green thumb or you are a novice plant parent. If your apartment doesn’t get a lot of direct sunlight, there are also some plants that thrive in the indoor shade.

Not only do plants add pops of color to your home, but they come with unique benefits. They purify the air, improve your mood, among other health benefits. Plus, most indoor options are easy to maintain and beautiful to look at (especially during gloomy weather).

3. Swap Out Your Decor

Sometimes just a little change in the accents of your home can make it feel brand new. Whether it’s adding a throw pillow, swapping out a lampshade, or getting a new runner, these details are what make your home more personal to you and your style.

If you are finding your home feels a little dull, try adding a colorful throw pillow or a bold printed rug to warm up your space. And, if you’re gearing up to warm up literally before winter hits, investing in a thick cozy throw blanket is always a good idea. Bonus points if, on top of feeling amazing, your throw adds a dynamic color or texture to your space.

It’s All In The Details

Giving your apartment a transformation doesn’t have to be a grandiose endeavor. These small steps go a long way in the effort to make your home the most comfortable place it can be. After all, this place is your sanctuary – it should bring peace and comfort to your day.

Welcome the new season with these tips. Before you know it, you won’t ever want to leave!