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3 Trendy Ways to Improve Your Home’s Curb Appeal in a Day

Your home’s front porch offers the first glimpse of your house after a tiring day. If you want to come home to a polished and relaxing environment, the first step to giving your house an overall facelift is to focus on your house’s curb. You can revamp your curb within a day and small budget by implementing these game-changing upgrades to your house’s exterior.

1. Porch Curtains

If you want to enjoy a quiet and peaceful evening on your porch, consider investing in a porch curtain. The curtains ensure privacy and add to your outdoor space’s sophistication and appeal.  There are four common window treatments: curtains, shades, drapes, and blinds.

  • Blinds with hanging vertical slats are commonly used over sliding patio doors.
  • Curtains come in various materials that provide a sheer to blackout light blockage making your space look softer. You can also use them in combination with blinds and shades to further increase light blockage and ease up the blind’s rigid look. 
  • Shades perfectly fit your window, and are made from fabric, vinyl, and bamboo. Shades are used with a roller, cord, or other lifting mechanisms.

For porch curtains, choose outdoor-rated materials like acrylic, polyester, canvas, and olefin. They can withstand harsh weather and require less maintenance. You should also prioritize functionality by opting for noise-canceling curtains or a motorized patio screen to upgrade your porch’s style and convenience. Screens also offer climate control and  UV protection and keep pesky insects out. 


Exterior of a house with a wooden fence

2. Outdoor Lighting

Your house’s exterior lighting plays a crucial role in determining the overall look of your home. Brightly illuminated outdoor spaces also improve your property’s security; for example, motion-sensing lights are an energy-efficient option to monitor any movements outside your home without disturbing your neighbors and yourself. 

Used strategically, lighting accentuates landscapes, walkways, and doorways while drawing the eye away from imperfections you would rather hide. You can also use uplights to give the trees in your garden a spotlight and add stake lights to the potted plants on the sides of your front door. A symmetrical composition of light fixtures is a straightforward layout to add to your curbs and entryways for an elevated visual appeal.

The types of lights you use and their placement has a significant role in setting the atmosphere and aesthetic of your outdoor space. Add clean line beams, geometric shapes, and wide beams for a modern look. While for a rustic, cozy look, lantern styles and picket fence light posts are best. Consider contacting an outdoor lighting company to explore all your lighting options and choose one that best matches your style. 

3. A Pop of Green

One great way to enhance your curb appeal is by investing in potted plants and your garden. Consider planting succulents or ivy in flower boxes by your front door. Aside from adding an aesthetic look, planting also provides you with the perfect hobby, and you can grow plants like peace lily and rubber fig, which are environment-friendly. For a dynamic container garden look, you can go for an asymmetrical and staggered arrangement of plants in chip-resistant ceramic pots.

You should regularly trim overgrown hedges and trees in your garden for a well-kempt look. You can also regularly spray your garden green with lawn paint. These paints are made with organic pigments, which are not toxic to your grass and decrease water wastage. Artificial turfs and lawn paints are low-maintenance options that keep your garden a vibrant green all year round.  If you’d like to add a touch of whimsy while also helping maintain biodiversity, go for wildflower lawns. They don’t require much maintenance, either. 


The well-maintained luscious greenery of your garden or the utilization of strategic lighting can dramatically enhance the appeal of your front porches or curbs. Your front door is a mini trailer to the house’s interior and the first impression for your guests. It should match your style and be a teaser for your personality. The above-mentioned outdoor decor options will significantly improve your home’s curb appeal without breaking the bank or taking too much time.