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3 Ways Through Which You Can Design Your Bedroom

Fabric headboard double bed

Think of that one place where you spend the largest chunk of your life? No it is not your bathroom; it’s your bedroom silly! For peace of mind we resort to the comfort of our bedroom, for sleep we lay our weary head on our bed, conveniently situated in our bedroom, and on a rainy day, we seek refuge in our bedroom as well. A place with such significance also deserves a design that reflects the zeal and zest of the main architect. Who is that architect? That is you. This article will serve as a general guideline on how to design your room and the basics you should aim for while making an analysis.

1. Identify the theme of your room according to its size

The most common error that almost everyone makes while mapping out their room is choosing the wrong theme for the wrong size. Let’s say you are a technology nerd, but your room is too crammed to have all the relevant items stored, the end product won’t look pleasing. Similarly, a mismatch in color scheme can upset your entire theme. You can’t have a Barbie theme without using pink. Color and size will go a long way in deciding the overall theme of your kingdom, so don’t make any errors here.

 Master bedroom with floral wallpaper

2. Pick a subtle color from the color palette

Vivid colors are appealing. They are extremely pleasing to the eye and when you see them on a digital display; your eyes will definitely thank you for the pleasure. In short, most of the general population prefers a display of vibrant colors. Think twice before going this route when it comes to painting the walls of your room. Not only will the darker colors cast a gloomy shadow on everything inside that room, your room will feel more cramped than it actually is. Subtler shades are a breath of fresh air, giving a perception of a roomier region while covering the essence of that color simultaneously.

3. Decorate your room with elements unique

A vase is a perfectly acceptable article for decoration, so are artificial trees. But if I told you to design your room, according to theme you are following and look for very specific items in that genre to adorn your sleeping palace? Are you an avid music fan? Why not plaster vinyl in a pattern on a defined wall? Do you dream of becoming an astronaut? Are you fascinated by stars? Well you are in luck, for there are services that allow you to name a star that you fancy. If that star hasn’t already been named, they will enter the directory into the International Space Registry and boom, a star is born, and you named it. They will give you a wall hanging for your room that will have that very star in its constellation, printed to the highest possible quality. This will surely make up for an excellent décor item for your room.


It is time to break from the mould and transcribe your own identity into your room. You are the ultimate owner and there are several creative ways through which you can breathe life into the area where you will be spending most of your life. So get your paintbrush and start painting a picture in your mind, so that you can make it a reality.