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4 Tips For Decorating Your Vacation Home

Bathroom with view on garden with cactus

A vacation home is a place to unwind and refresh and rejuvenate oneself from many months of a hectic work schedule. For that reason, a vacation home needs to inspire a relaxing and calming ambiance and that can only be made possible with amazing yet sensible décor. Less is more when it comes to vacation homes as large, open spaces are very therapeutic and you don’t want to deal with a lot of clutter on your days off. Here are a few tips on getting vacation home décor just right.

1. Be Versatile

A vacation home is one you won’t be making changes to for a considerable period of time as you simply won’t spend as much time there as your regular house. Bearing that in mind, buy décor items and furniture that seem to suit and incorporate all the seasons in the year without being specifically bound to a single one like autumn or summer.

While it certainly makes sense to decorate according to the location of your vacation house (think beach house vibes), it is also important to be neutral and versatile in your choices. This doesn’t mean you cannot decorate according to the demands of the holiday season but in general, you want a clean space that allows you to think in peace and recharge rather than a dated form of décor that is overpowering.

2. Easy To Maintain & Minimal Effort

Given that your vacation home is where you go to relax, you certainly don’t want to spend the first day there wondering how the wooden patio furniture got an insect infestation in your absence. Note the most frequent weather patterns in the location (is it damp or really warm or rainy etc) and decorate according to that. You may want to move most of your books to your vacation home, for example, only to find they’ve sustained damage from the dampness because the house is in a rainy and foggy area. You should also carry out a twice-yearly roof inspection for that reason!

Consider the weather and choose furniture that is built to last and is properly protected against termites and other insects and more than anything else, is easy to clean. Many people find elaborate furniture pieces sometimes take too much effort to clean and maintain, so they end up neglected in a home you only visit a few times a year. Items that can sustain some dirt, spills, and other wear and tear are always preferred.

 Dining room in mountain hut

3. Space Matters

Vacation homes are not just for you but are likely to be used for guests, friends, relatives, and other loved ones. If it’s the holiday season you may be accompanied by people outside of your immediate family. Space, therefore, is integral even if you just want the illusion of a large open room. As the above-mentioned tip, avoid clutter or noisy pieces, choose neutral, soft colors like white, beige, cream, pink, pale blue, light brown, etc for curtains, upholstery, or rugs. The same applies when you are getting your vacation home painted, consider whether a commercial painting contractor will cost you less in the area.

Bedding is always a concern when you’re accommodating more people so make sure you have invested in bunk beds, pull-out couch beds, extra mattresses, and blankets. Having a small storage room also helps as you can keep extra linens or toiletries there for both you and your guests as people forget items when traveling. As any design expert will tell you, don’t forget to utilize vertical space especially in smaller, cramped rooms like a bathroom or hall closet. Invest in shelving so you can make use of all the vertical space your home has to offer.

4. Comfort And Organization 

When you are settling into a vacation home for days or even months, you need some semblance of order as well as ample comfort. Use what makes you comfortable whether it is essential oil diffusers, plush blankets, stuff toys, throw pillows, fur rugs, or that one brilliant multi-purpose couch that solves all your problems. Also consider dividing your home into small, designated areas such as having a work area, a dining area, a painting room, and so forth.

A vacation home is perfect for practicing your favorite hobbies such as painting, badminton, gardening, writing, reading, or binge-watching your favorite shows. Therefore, you need to have all the proper equipment at hand and designated space for all these activities. If your vacation home is registered on short-term rental software, the personal touches you have made in your space may even be appreciated by a kindred soul or someone with the same interests!