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4 Tips for Positioning KEF Speakers In Your Home

4 Tips for Positioning KEF Speakers In Your Home


Contrary to popular belief, there are no mandatory requirements on how you should create a luxurious home. The truth is you can give your living space that high-end feel simply by personalizing it and fulfilling it with minimalistic details that mean something to you or contribute to your overall enjoyment.

Whether it is a bloomy bouquet on the dining table or a monochromatic canvas print above your living room sofa, there are so many ways you can add a touch of flair to your home.

A furniture piece that has the ability to set the mood in your living space while adding a luxurious feel to it is speakers. Although arguably, they can be placed anywhere in the room, these output devices play a pivotal role in the way your interior ultimately feels. They come in many brands and styles, with the legendary KEF speakers being the most popular choice among homeowners.

If you are a big fan of these speakers too, here are four tips on how to position them in your interior for a superior acoustic experience.

Get their positioning right

KEF speakers, like every other speaker brand, typically come in pairs which is why their initial placement is very important. This is because even the smallest difference in position can affect the entire sonic balance.

Therefore, to produce the perfect stereo sound, your speakers should be between six and twelve feet apart with your prime listening position being the same distance from the speakers as they are apart, forming an equilateral triangle.

If these measurements don’t apply to your room’s size, you can always look at the manual for more information and suggestions on how to position your speakers properly and what some recommended distances are from each surrounding wall.

 4 Tips for Positioning KEF Speakers In Your Home

Pull away from the wall

If there is one mistake that homeowners often make when positioning their speakers is that they are placing them too close to the back wall. However, this option is only appropriate if you want your KEF speakers to give you more bass. If you don’t want to achieve this, then you should pull the output devices further away from the wall to provide better stereo imaging.

Generally speaking, speakers should ideally be at least two or three feet away from the back wall. This will certainly minimize sound reflections and improve the playback clarity.

Also, try not to place your speakers in a corner because this gives off a lumpy bass that can distort the whole balance of the sound.

Consider the speaker height

Once you have figured out where you are going to place your KEF speakers, your next step is to consider their height. As a rule of thumb, the output devices should always face toward the listener, with the smaller speaker cone, called a tweeter, being roughly at ear level. So, in order to achieve the optimal listening height, it is recommended that you get speaker stands.

You can adjust the height of the stands so the speaker is at the same level as the listener’s head and above one meter. This way the sound will come from the tweeter in a straight line and provide soft and clear music.

 4 Tips for Positioning KEF Speakers In Your Home

Think about your room arrangement

Another important factor you should consider when positioning your KEF speakers is your room arrangement. This mainly refers to laying out the output devices so that they play along the length of the room.

So, for example, if your living room is in the shape of a rectangle, then you can place the speakers on the left side of the space facing the sofa which will be positioned in the middle of the room, equidistant from both speakers.

Also, remember to avoid placing items such as DVD stacks, flower vases or other objects directly in front of your speakers. This can easily distort the sound and ruin the overall listening experience.

Final thoughts

If you are looking for an innovative way to add a touch of luxury to your home, then KEF speakers are an excellent option. These small, but high-quality sound output devices come in many styles and can instantly set the mood in your living space.

However, in order to get a superior acoustic experience, it is important that your speakers are positioned right and laid out along the length of the room.

For more help on how to do this properly, be sure to follow the tips from our post and get the most out of your new stereo speakers