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5 Budget Friendly Design Tips to Create a 5- Star Bathroom

Smiling girl during skin care routine

Ron Lach from Pexels

Are you wishing your bathroom felt that little bit more… luxurious? A lot of us get put off re-designing the bathroom thinking it will be 1) too expensive and 2) too much work, though dear reader that does not have to be the case. There are easy, budget friendly ways to upgrade your bathroom without a complete refurb! Here are a few design tips to get that five-star feeling without breaking a pipe. 

1. Mirror, Mirror

Who doesn’t love gazing at themselves in extravagant hotel mirrors? It’s ok, we are all a little vain and your bathroom is the place to indulge! Whether you go for the classic circle, stylish square or a glam- as you -like sparkly number, a mirror is a perfect opportunity to create a fancy- pants bathroom. Not only does the reflection create space and light, it adds simple elegance. A mirror is one of the most functional ways to upgrade your splash zone. Go for a style that suits your bathroom and brushing your teeth will never be the same again. 

2. Step on to paradise

Barbados on your mind? Save yourself the air miles and bring a bit of paradise to your bathroom instead. Why sand is taking things a tad too far, a bamboo bathroom rug is heaven on feet. The plush natural fabric feels so divinely fluffy you’ll be dancing out the tub. Go for a colour that compliments your space. After real beachy vibes? A sandy rug brings all the softness of sand minus the sunburn. It also gives your bathroom a cosy focal point, who said cosy was only for the bedroom? An easy-peasy way to add a little luxury to bath time. 

P.S- No socks required

 Girl wraps hair in towel

3. Out with the old

We all have that bathroom cabinet filled with tubes, lotions and rubber ducks we never really use. It’s time for a clear out, maximising your bathroom space means getting rid of clutter. Yes- that includes scratchy old towels. You-do-not-need them! Then think of ways to add some style to your storage space, maybe a new chest of drawers or a hook to hang any loose hand towels. Small storage adjustments will open up your space and channel that fresh, clean feeling, Move over living rooms…your bathroom will become your favourite place in the house. 

4. Channel the ‘au natural’ look

Bathrooms are the place we get to relax, and what better way to unwind than surrounded by nature? No wildlife required. A few plants can add calming, zen vibes to your bathroom while providing heaps of natural benefits. Plants are natural detoxifiers while nature is renowned for having a soothing effect on our mind and wellbeing. Many plants also love to soak up all that shower steam. Choose a natural wonder that suits your space. And that you’ll enjoy gazing at while indulging in bubble baths of course. It’s a hard life!

5. Time to wrap up

And just like that… It’s time for the last easy, budget-friendly tip to jazz up your bathroom. Because of course, no bathroom is complete without its own set of fresh, soft oh-so fluffy towels. Wrapping up after bath time is not something to be taken lightly! Go for fabrics that will keep you snug from bubbles to PJ’S. Warm, cosy and stylish are the ‘must haves’ when it comes to bathroom towels. And gorgeous colours… obvs! Decorate your towel rack with the shades that compliment your oh so stylish new and improved bathing space. 

The only thing left to do? Pour a bubble bath and…relax.