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5 Budget-Friendly Tips to Make Your Home Look Magazine-Ready in 2022

Exterior of a recently renovated Asutralian house

Are you looking to give your home a glamorous makeover but are restricted by a budget? We’ve compiled five tips on how to achieve that magazine-cover dream home. Read on to find out how to do this for yourself.

1. Upgrade Your Home’s Exterior

We often think of the interior first, but when you come home from work, you should be delighted with what you see even before you get through the front door. If your windows look worn or your terrace is covered in weeds, it can make your house appear unloved.

A bit of maintenance goes a long way. If you’ve noticed cracks in your driveway or home, this could be an issue, and you have to look into house foundation problems and solutions. A good power wash and a fresh coat of paint for the walls will work wonders – and don’t forget to clean your windows routinely!

2. Update Soft Furnishings

Let’s move indoors. Switching out blankets and cushions to color coordinate will give a fresh look. Throws in natural colors are easy to style alongside your current decor. The best part is by using extra throws and blankets, you can lower your energy bills at the same time. While energy prices soar, this is the ideal way to combine style and practicality.

 Living area with plants

3. Add Fresh Flowers and Plants

Finishing touches can do a lot to a space. It can make your home look magazine ready. Some fresh-cut flowers from the supermarket or garden can brighten up a space and make it look more organized.

Some great ideas for those who find vases of flowers overwhelming are to choose pot plants and herbs. These don’t just look and smell lovely – fresh herbs are a great addition to your kitchen! Simply buy some fresh herbs from the supermarket, take cuttings, and propagate them in a glass of water until they develop roots. Then plant them and enjoy your culinary garden!

Herbs like mint, basil, and thyme don’t require much attention and make such a difference to your space.

4. Declutter

Clutter always makes our homes look messy, unloved, and disorganized. It can be extremely detrimental to your health. Once you pare down your belongings, think about where to store each item. It’s crucial that you plan where you’ll keep everything.

If you find clothes spilling onto the floor, invest in some vacuum bags so you can store your wardrobe by season. This will protect clothing against dust and lingering smells.

If in doubt – throw it out! If you have duplicate items, consider donating them or giving them to a friend. Keep in mind that there are plenty of opportunities to donate, or you could even organize a swap party with your friends and family.

5. Change Your Light Fittings

One of the simplest ways to immediately make your home look more modern is to switch out your old-fashioned light fittings and lamps for new ones. There are many ways to do this, like adding a pendant light.

Another option is to add a decorative lamp to your bookshelves. These are great for breaking up rows and rows of books and finding what you need more easily. One high-tech chic option is to add lighting strips above and below your artwork; you can find these at local home stores.

Give Your Home An Update

Use our tips to refresh your home–whether changing carpets and lights or simply giving the outside a paint job. If you’re sure your home only needs cosmetic work, then a few extra cushions and throws can go far – a little goes a long way!