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5 Concepts For The Hotel Of The (Near) Future

5 Concepts For The Hotel Of The (Near) Future

We seem to have reached a point in human history at which design and architecture are about to take some exciting leaps forward. Our engineering capabilities can seem almost magical, and blending them with new concepts in technology and sustainability is going to lead to some very exciting developments that will likely expand quite quickly. There’s a very real chance that our biggest cities today will look thoroughly transformed in just 20 more years or so. And one of the best ways for people to experience the changes will be through hotels

As cities around the world embrace the future and look toward cutting-edge design, hotels and resorts will be among the buildings to showcase some of the changes and allow never-ending rotations of visitors to enjoy them. In this light, I wanted to look ahead to some of the concepts we can expect to see put into action, possibly in the very near future.

Mobile Rooms

This is a fairly wild concept, but one that increasingly seems like a future reality. If you think getting into a Lyft or Uber at the airport to head to your hotel feels advanced now, this could be the natural progression of the concept. In an article on some very exciting hotel concepts, something called the Room Extension Solution was mentioned, and jumped out at me. This is effectively an automated vehicle that will pick you up at a hotel, serve as a sort of mobile hotel room as it transports you, and then actually integrate with your room once you arrive. Think of it as the hotel dispatching a corner of your room to pick you up and serve you during your stay. Technologically this is perfectly feasible, and that means we may well see it put into practice.

Full Smart Control

This is a little bit less exciting because we’ve quickly gotten used to the idea of smart living spaces. But imagine having full control over your luxury hotel environment – Tony Stark-style, if you’re a fan of the Iron Man and Avengers movies. We’re likely just a couple years away from hotel rooms in which you can speak just about any reasonable command into the air and see it fulfilled: drawing the shades, turning on music, changing the color of the lights, locking the doors, and much, much more.

Automated Assistance

This is something we’ve heard surprisingly little of with regard to hotels, unless you count the aforementioned smart commands. But I’m talking more about robots and the like, and interestingly enough it is something that’s come up in relation to casinos. Robot croupiers have emerged to deal cards and handle bets, and given the very close relationship between casinos and the hospitality industry, I have to wonder if this is a harbinger of similar tech in hotel lobbies. It’s certainly conceivable that we’ll be dealing with robotic doormen and concierges in no time.

Green Integration

Green integration and self-sustaining efforts are already prominent among newer hotels in big cities, and they only figure to grow more so. While the decline of our environment remains a major concern, we do live in a time in which more and more people are conscious of it, and for hotel owners, it’s a win-win-win: green spaces can be more economic, benefit the environment, and attract eco-conscious guests all at once. Expect to see everything from solar power to hotels supporting their own elevated gardens or growing food for their restaurants.

Attractions On Top

This is an idea I’m actually taking from an action movie featuring Dwayne Johnson, but stay with me. Skyscraper came out this summer and got poor reviews, with one specifically noting its unambitious agenda. That might be a fair critique in terms of plot, but in terms of the centerpiece of the film – a massive, semi-futuristic skyscraper in China – it was anything but unambitious. Most interesting was a giant spherical space on top of the hotel that was one part tech experiment, one part tourist attraction. This specific space may or may not be replicated in the real world, but the concept of a major attraction on top of a hotel – not entirely new, to be fair – will likely become more common. The hotels of the near future will be so perfectly presented and appreciated, they’ll be able to afford a few gimmicks.