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5 Easy Ways to Spice Up a Boring Room

Living room with large colorful painting

Sometimes, when you’re doing your home’s décor, you’ll find it feels like something is missing about a room. It can be perplexing to work out what that something is and how to give the room the lift it needs.

If you feel a room is not quite complete but aren’t sure what to do about it, here are a few simple, sure-fire ways to transform it from blah to ba-bing!

1. Add Some Sophistication with Wall Tiles

Wall tiles are not just for bathrooms and kitchens these days. You can place designer wall tiles just about anywhere for some extra drama and sophistication. It’s a simple yet effective way to deepen the feeling of any room.

These tiles come in all sorts of colours, sizes, and textures. Be sure to choose something that complements or matches the existing tones and textures of the room you will add them to.

You can add a wall of designer tiles in many places, such as:

  • Behind your television or fireplace in the living room
  • Above the sideboard or bar in your dining area
  • Behind your dresser or on the wall behind your bed in the bedroom
  • On a wall or two of quality tiles in your exterior entertainment areas.

Of course, there’s no reason you can’t add designer tiles to more traditional places that need a lift in the kitchen and bathrooms as well.

2. Place a Sensational Piece of Art or Décor

Another easy way to give a dull room some life is to add a key décor feature. This could be any piece of art, including a:

  • Sculpture
  • Painting
  • Mirror
  • Bright rug
  • Piece of bespoke furniture
  • Showy plant

Be sure to select a piece that is tasteful yet which is also unique, memorable, and which draws attention. The work should stand out yet complement the other elements in the room.

 Kitchen with vases and artwork hanging on the walls

3. Add Something Personal

We love the modern, slick, and minimalist look, but it can come across as a bit impersonal. To add some substance to the room, add something personal and homey.

Not sure where to begin with finding something that’s both personal and a good addition to your space? Here are some ideas:

  • An artwork you’ve made
  • A rug you crocheted
  • A wall of family photos with antique frames
  • A family album on the coffee table

Anything of the sort that reflects more about you or your family will be a lovely bonus to your décor.

4. Play Around with Colour

Painting one wall a more profound or more striking colour or pasting some signature wallpaper can do wonders for a bleh room. Once again, just be sure to choose colours and patterns that work with the rest of the room.

For example, adding a red wall to a room that’s already lilac will certainly perk up the room, but maybe not for the best. Choose colours and designs that are complementary in nature and which do not clash when placed beside each other.

5. Create Mood with Lighting

For rooms where you entertain frequently, manipulating the mood with lighting can be highly effective. Even if you’re not up for the hassle and expense of having professional lighting done, just changing things up can do more than you realise.

Turn down or switch off the overhead light in exchange for a few carefully placed side lamps. Place these at varying heights for different effects. You can also light candles when people come over – candlelight is always soft and beautiful.

Easily Create a Space You’ll Love

As you can see, by adding a key feature or two to a room, you can uplift it quite quickly. Just be sure that items match each other and that you don’t crowd the space too much.