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5 Intuitive Design To Reflect Your Extrovert Personality

5 Intuitive Design To Reflect Your Extrovert Personality

When designing a home, intuitive design should be at the forefront to reflect your personality. If you identify yourself as an extrovert, you should design a space suitable for social gatherings. The homes of the extroverts are different and unique in the sense that the place is never solely theirs and it is designed to meet the requirements of the other people too. If you identify yourself as an extrovert and are looking forward to designing your space, then here are five intuitive design tips. 

1. Throw loads of colour in your space

For an extrovert, colour plays a huge role to reflect their colourful life. An introvert prefers to have calm and serene colours, while extroverts prefer bright colours to reflect their bubbly personality. Adding a dash of colour in the home will immediately create a jazzy ambience. However, it is not true for all extroverts. Few extroverts also prefer simple sparks of fresh colour. You can colour your home to showcase your personality. You can also go for wild art with the paintings too. Pop-up colours and neon colours are also a big yes. That’s trendy too and will give a unique touch to your home. 

 5 Intuitive Design To Reflect Your Extrovert Personality

2. Design areas for holding a conversation 

For an extrovert, a living room is much more than a simple living room. It is a place for gatherings, gaming nights and even movie marathons. If you prefer having wild conversations on online platforms like Coomeet, it should reflect in the offline space. Your desire to host and talk should reflect on the physical configuration and design of the house. Have comfortable couches, fairy lights and trendy furniture to earn that fantastic remark from your community. However, it is also equally important to have a space of your own where you can relax with a solo reading sometimes.

3. Practicality should be a priority

For extroverts, all the furniture present in the home should serve a purpose. For instance, you should ask yourself if there are enough kitchen chairs for hosting a wine night. Most extroverts prefer to have great furniture that can earn appreciation. While buying furniture, ensure that it serves the purpose of entertaining guests and also looks good and trendy. Consider checking the furniture which is in trend and see if it matches your personality. Also, while choosing the colour of the furniture, check if it compliments the colour of the wall. 

4. Items to reflect on memories and appreciate connections

While designing a home, try to have a space for acknowledging items that mean something to you. For instance, you can decorate a wall with beautiful frames with the most important people in your life. To give it a warm touch, you can also consider adding fairy lights to it. Further, you can have a showcase to organize the different items that you have collected from different places where you have travelled. 

 5 Intuitive Design To Reflect Your Extrovert Personality

5. Have a good sound system

Every now and then, extroverts prefer to have a blast and what’s more important than a good sound system to ensure that? Consider investing in a good surround-sound speaker system throughout the house for having a nice party. Also, having a nice aroma diffuser would do wonders to calm the senses while ensuring you are having fun. With a good sound system, you should also consider good lighting to create a disco vibe in a room of your choice. The type of lights in a room immediately changes the vibe of the room.

Lastly, a must-have in the home of an extrovert is an open concept like the open conversation which takes place in a fun chatting platform like Chatrandom. The overall-vibe of an extrovert should be that of an open layout. An open space in the house will create a natural flow for things that are really important like energy, community and conversation amongst the community members. A good balcony or a garden is a must-have if you can afford it. Consider placing a coffee table there to enjoy a relaxed coffee time.

The home of an extrovert often gives a feeling of disjointed space due to different colours and designs, however, in the midst of it lies connectedness and that’s what makes the home of an extrovert truly unique.