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6 Decorating Hacks To Create A More Joyful Home

Kitchen with large window overlooking backyard

We all have small visual moments of joy that brighten up our daily lives, and no matter how insignificant they may appear at the time, they are all part of the bigger picture. These small sparks add up to something big, and when we integrate them into our homes, they provide the foundation for true pleasure.

Landlords and homeowners alike can use this concept in their homes by making a few easy changes to elicit these positive emotions. The key is to figure out what makes you happy and joyful and then apply it to your home. 

Continue reading for some inspiring, bliss-decorating ideas that can spark the feeling of joy in your home.

Hang Your Memories On The Walls

Our home’s walls provide a tremendous opportunity to change the mood and bring joy and love. Start with the color of the paint, but don’t stop there. Find some items to hang that will elicit happy sentiments.

Look for artwork that promotes serenity or peacefulness, hang photos of your loved ones, or just tape down one of those 1000 piece jigsaw puzzles you and your family put together a while back to give your home that special spark. Or print some of your pet’s best photos so that you can gaze into your pet’s eyes every time you enter a room.

In the end, it doesn’t matter what you put up as long as it achieves its goal of bringing joy and love to others. Looking at this art every day can drastically alter the atmosphere in your home, and you’ll have something to gaze at to lift your spirits and transport you back to your happy spot during bad times.

Organize And Clean Up

One of the most common reasons why our houses lose their charm and warmth is because there is simply too much clutter. Most individuals experience worry and anxiety when they are in cluttered spaces, and this is not something you want to experience at home.

Plus, if you keep a lot of items from your past, there’s a good possibility you have some triggering material stashed away. In any event, all of this excess material must be removed. Work through the many items you’ve stored in each room one by one. Donating or giving away a couple of your items that aren’t quite ready for the trash can be a good option and do wonders when it comes to sparking joy in your living space. 

 Kitchen with shelves and dishes

Experiment With Different Prints And Patterns

The most prevalent thing that a realtor recommends for keeping your house modern and fresh is having solid color walls. However, this method isn’t always the most enjoyable to watch, so it’s nice to consider playing around with different patterns and prints. 

Why not decorate your living room with a cool spiral design? Alternatively, add some stencil vines along your kitchen’s baseboard. Or why not put a dog-themed wallpaper on the wall?

Sure, some of these solutions are “less traditional” and don’t have the same general appeal as other decorating ideas, but is that important if it makes you happy and makes your home more joyous and loving?

Switch Up The Colors

The color of the walls is among the first and most striking things we notice when we enter a room. Because all colors have varied meanings and connections, the colors we choose for our home will have a significant impact on our mood while we are in it.

Bright colors like red, yellow, and orange, for example, may help liven up a room, whereas darker hues like blues and purples can help in relaxation and quiet you down. There’s nothing quite like stepping into a freshly painted space. However, if you take it a step further and select colors that support the desired effect, this adjustment can have an even greater impact and entirely transform your home.

Build Stress-Free Zones Inside Your Home 

We can all agree that getting at least certain things organized offers us joy, whether we’re naturally neat or feel like a ‘hot mess’ most of the time. When your essentials are just where you anticipate them to be, your life is more enjoyable. Making the organization of your space more personal and attractive may seem insignificant in the broad scheme of things, but it can certainly have a significant impact. 

For that reason, consider building or organizing stress-free zones inside your home and have a space where you can just lay down on a beanbag to enjoy a good book and a glass of fine red. 

Keep Your Bedroom Cool

If your bedroom isn’t naturally cool because it doesn’t have air conditioning or other cooling systems, consider using fans or installing window shades that block out direct sun rays during the hot summer months. You can also add plants and other greenery around your bed for extra humidity or use fabric softener sheets inside baskets or bowls near your bed to give off calming aroma-therapy moments.  Also, using silk bedding is a great way to keep your skin cool even while you sleep. Colorful silk colors can be matched with the wall color you choose.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, our environment plays an important role in how we feel, and this is especially true when it comes to our homes. A happy home is a beautiful home, and decorating hacks are the first place to start. Whether you’re trying to recreate your favorite Pinterest shot or simply spruce up your space a bit, taking care of these simple details can help your home feel warm and inviting–and make any house a home.