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6 Design Tips When Decorating A Tiny Bedroom

6 Design Tips When Decorating A Tiny Bedroom

Designing and decorating a bedroom is pretty different from what you do in the other areas of your house. It’s your private space, meant for relaxation, rest, and a bit of fun. This is one area of your home that you can make to reflect your true style and taste. But when the space is also tiny, the decor challenge goes a notch higher.

However, you can make it as much fun and when working with a bigger space. In fact, it can help you become more creative and provide a chance to showcase your imagination and style. For inspiration, this blog shares six of the best design tips when decorating a tiny bedroom.

1. Declutter the room

The first step in decorating your small bedroom is removing all the clutter. There’s no substitute for a clean and clutter-free space. When you’re decorating a small bedroom, it becomes more than neatly putting everything away. Although being neat helps as well. However, tiny spaces look more appealing when items are well organized and kept to the least.

Avoid overwhelming your dresser or bedside table with too many items or with large displays. Small bedroom decorations work well when you don’t overwhelm the walls, either. Consider something like a simple and minimalist wall tapestry or smaller wall art and decor. For your tiny bedroom, try and embrace minimalism.

 2. Create a focal point

Just because a bedroom is tiny doesn’t mean that it doesn’t need a clear focal point. Design-wise, small spaces can benefit a lot from having a single focal point. The bed happens to be an obvious choice here since it’s a bedroom. Avoid having a large entertainment unit in a small bedroom unless it’s the only space.

Invest in a good and beautiful bed that screams luxury and class. This creates the mood for the room and serves as the center of attention. Whether you choose a low or high bed, it all depends on your taste and the room’s functionality and space. High beds are great for creating storage space, while murphy beds will create space whenever you need it. 

Don’t forget to accessorize your bed as well. Custom tapestries or any other wall art of choice just above the headboard can complete the whole look. 

3. Mind the color scheme

When decorating a tiny bedroom, mind the visual harmony. It helps define the form factor of the room and helps create an illusion of a bigger space than it is. If you use too many colors, it can whitewash the intended look and design of your bedroom considerably. Using more than three colors is a grave decor mistake that you need to avoid.

Try having a neutral color as your backdrop and at least two accent colors. Basically, your color scheme should be uncomplicated. For the best results, apply accent colors in various areas using simple decor additions to help create symmetry.   

 6 Design Tips When Decorating A Tiny Bedroom

4. Keep it simple and proportional

This happens to be one of the pain areas in home decor. The rule is using small decor items for small spaces that match and fit into the room’s scale. You can’t combine a tiny bed with a huge cabinet or side table. They may look good at the display in the furniture store, but they won’t work well when decorating a tiny bedroom.

Proportion creates beauty, and it’s essential when decorating a tiny bedroom. It helps to make a balanced and beautiful room. It only takes one piece of furniture to disturb the room’s balance, proportion, and harmony.  

5. Incorporate mirrors and reflective surfaces

Mirrors are an intelligent way to create an illusion of expansive visual space in a tiny bedroom. Besides making the area look bigger, it also helps to spread light better around the bedroom. However, note that mirror position also plays a massive role in how the space will look. 

The best decor practice is to place a large floor mirror adjacent to or opposite a natural light source. This helps light to bounce around in the room. You can incorporate mirrored surfaces and bookcases too. Use glass to create shelves and partitions instead of the materials you’d typically use in larger spaces. This helps you to use space without having to take away the visual aspect of it.

6. Use Multiple Layers Of Lighting

While a larger bedroom may work with poor lighting without you taking much notice, it may not be the same case with a tiny bedroom. Lighting helps create a stylish and fresh atmosphere in a room, particularly a tiny bedroom. It’s great if your space allows in a lot of natural lighting. If you can’t, there’s no need to worry. Artificial lighting is a good alternative.

Avoid table and floor lamps since you need to conserve space in those areas. Focus on the ceiling lighting fixtures. Pick the lighting fixtures that allow uniform room illumination.


You can decorate your tiny bedroom and transform it into a beautiful, cozy, and personal space. Try these decorating tips, and you might be surprised how effortless it can be to decorate a tiny bedroom. Ultimately, it’s not the size of the room that matters; it’s how you decorate it.