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7 Modern Kitchen Designs For 2021

7 Modern Kitchen Designs For 2021

While the previous year was the year of the ‘living kitchen,’ where functionality and aesthetics matter, this year is all about practicality, purpose, personality, and beauty. Now more than ever, each square in your kitchen area needs to be utilized wisely to effectively showcase practicality and aesthetics. 

Whether you consider investing in a kitchen renovation or upgrade, seeking the help of professional service providers, like MacLaren Kitchen & Bath, may be of great help for you to achieve the kitchen design that you want.

To help you out, in this article are seven most desirable kitchen designs that can best combine personality and purpose and represent your character, preference, and lifestyle.

1. Painted Kitchen

When it comes to modern kitchen designs, practicality always comes close to purpose and beauty. A practical choice in the kitchen like painted furniture provides a modern vibe to the kitchen cabinets and takes on a more traditional look and finish. Coupled with authentic raw materials, like concrete and marble, it gives off a durable kitchen environment that’s classic but modern in the finish. To help you visualize this design, check out the video below to see how it looks.

Having a hand-painted kitchen also makes for an easier renovation plan. This allows you more room for refurbishment without having to replace the whole unit.



2. Practical Storage

Having a hidden storage solution as part of your kitchen space will always be a part of every modern kitchen design. Storage systems, in particular, are crucial for a streamlined finishing as it maximizes space without compromising the style and looks of your kitchen.

Many kitchen renovators observe the rise in demand for clever kitchen storage solutions since this gives off a more practical, clutter-free living in style. This design also reduces clutter and maintains the aesthetic in storing everyday appliances. 

3. Concealed Kitchen

Tired of the previous years’ traditional kitchen designs? Why don’t you try having an obscure kitchen? To produce a more spacious vibe to your kitchen area, this design can help you unify the cooking, dining, and chilling area into a dazzling, well-lit room contracted discreetly at one end of the kitchen.  

Aside from magnifying the feeling of spaciousness, having a concealed kitchen also paves way for effortless and more flexible transitions from kitchen to living room, as the cooking space is designed similar to a decorative wall finishing. The rise in popularity of concealed kitchens is significantly due to the comfortability and functionality that they can offer. The use of fingerprint sensors, in particular, allows you to open and close concealed doors in an easier way. 

4. Working Kitchen

Increased demand for multi-functional spaces in kitchen spaces contributes to the rise of the ‘working kitchen.’ 

This kitchen renovation design focuses on integrated seating areas, extended island bars that can be an all-inclusive workstation, and full height storage solutions. It also allows more space for cooking, dining, and home office work.

5. Feature Backsplash

Investing in a feature backsplash design for your kitchen allows you to make a statement that exudes an aura of individuality to it. With countless ideas for backsplash designs for ceramic, stone, glass, and tile, designing your kitchen wall has never been this easy. 

To incorporate feelings of vibrancy and intensity, you can proceed to your kitchen color scheme, like having a colorful tile backsplash. In a classic kitchen design painted with white and adorned with stone walls, a colorful tile backsplash can add a livelier and cozier ambiance.      

When it comes to choosing the best backsplash designs for your kitchen, always take into consideration your style and budget.

 7 Modern Kitchen Designs For 2021

6. Functional Seating

Spending more time in your home makes you aim for a more versatile and functional seating in your kitchen so you can eat, rest, work, and entertain. Various functional seating designs include breakfast bars, island eating, custom-made benches, and chairs, as well as banquette seating, all of which can give your kitchen a living room appeal.  

7. Sculptural Lights

In terms of contemporary kitchen designs, the trend for simple horizontal lighting will never be outdated. Providing a sleek light source to the kitchen cabinetry, sculptural lights give a modern and lavish vibe to your kitchen. 

With a variety of choices to choose from, such as triangular, spherical, coned, spirals, and ring lights, sculptural lights set a trend for modern and sleek kitchen designs.  


One of the many highlights of this year includes contemporary kitchen renovations for your home. Though many people are hesitant to invest in kitchen refurbishments because they don’t want to spend much money on them, rest assured that there are various ways you can do to have a budget-friendly and high-quality kitchen design. Some of these modern designs include having a painted kitchen, concealed kitchen, practical storage, a working kitchen, feature backsplash, functional seating, dining island, marble accent, sculptural lights, and patterned tile walls.

When it comes to choosing the right designs for your kitchen, always choose the best as this can benefit you in more ways than one.