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7 Ways to Make any Bathroom Look Bigger. Tips Even a 1st Year Design Student Knows About

Close up of a shower with different size tiles

When knocking down the wall to enlarge your bathroom is not an option, the time comes to activate some interior design skills. Anyone who relies on themselves to make a perfect home out of not so ideal property would benefit from deeper knowledge of interior design. If you’re ready to dive into styles, and color theories, and architectural details, you are prepared to explore interior design 101.

With some deal of good taste and good eye you’ll be enjoying all the secrets of making a cozy practical living space. But the assignments may be very time-consuming, and even the best assignment writers may struggle to keep up. Even if you feel confident in your performance, you may steel need additional resources and help. Mentoring by an experienced designer and thesis writing services would come to the rescue.

Let’s explore the interior designer secrets for relatively easy ways to make your bathroom look bigger.

1. Add some light

If you have a window in your bathroom, congrats! It’s more precious than few extra square feet. Leave it uncovered, if possible, or choose semitranslucent shades for privacy. If no risk of peeping neighbors bothers you, but you’re too anxious to just parade naked with look-through window, try putting a big bushy plant in front of it.

For those of us struggling from clown-like makeup with no window and with poor lighting in the bathroom, more bulbs would be the answer. Change your bulbs for brighter ones or add extra lamps where possible. You can even turn your mirror into vanity-like fixing stylish round lamps around it.

2. Play with tile

Color, texture, size, and pattern, all are key characteristics of the tile that directly influence the perception of space. Use it wisely to create your perfect bathroom.

Light-colored tiles with natural or no pattern enlarge the space visually, and even make it feel airy. White is just one of the options, as you can go with pastel tones with same result.

Although small to medium scale of tiles may seem proportionate to the room size, it may work against you by adding more visual hiccups at the spaces between tiles. Let the eye follow the lines smoothly by choosing big or even huge tiles.

3. Let the surfaces melt

Same as with tiles, different colors of floor and walls break the whole space in several blocks. In small bathroom it may be quite messy. Consider the idea of using the same big-scale tile for floor and floors. This would create the feeling of uninterrupted flow and wholesome space.

You can choose natural pattern – stone, marble, wood, so the lines starting at walls continue on the floor and vice versa.

 Cerulean bathroom cabinet with rectangular mirror and matt black details

4. Cut the clutter

No bigger space robber than visible clutter exists in your bathroom. All those bottles with hair products, body products, makeup tools etc. are usually very bright and of different colors and shapes, which disrupts the most elegant styling.

First, we’d suggest you decant everything that would not suffer from it into dedicated dispensers in one shape and color. Whatever’s left put into nice neutral bins made of canvas or straw, so you’d add only one extra texture.

Decide on a color scheme for anything textile in the bathroom. Towels. Shower curtain. Rugs. In a small room it is safer to go with neutrals and only one bright accent. Choose yours.

5. Choose the endless mirror

With no practical use for the mirror close to the ceiling, this one trick may create an illusion of added space behind the mirror. Let the glass surface start right above the sink and faucets and finish somewhere very high.

In addition to room reflection creating an illusion, such a mirror would also reflect light. And if you complied with our advice no.1, you’ll have plenty of it. Remember, the lighter, the bigger.

6. Break the rules of geometry

If you’re not happy with the shape of your bathroom, you may benefit from some unconventional efforts. For narrow rectangular bathroom it’s only natural to put longer object at the longer wall. But it only enhances the feeling of awkward space. Try to play against the rules by putting some of the longer crucial furniture or decorative detail at shorter wall. For instance, put your tub in the space between two longer walls. It would immediately turn your space in a square one.

If your room is weirdly shaped with nooks or wide corners, try utilizing them as niches for storage or smaller sink. This again would flatten the misshapen wall and improve the perception of space.

7. Drop the vanity

You may feel it’s a definite ‘no’, but just bear with us. Yes, you might hide all your belongings in a vanity and still have space for a toothbrush. But vanity is also a huge eyesore in a limited space.

There is a variety of stylish mirrors that would dress up your bathroom and look sophisticated. Most important, they wouldn’t take any useful or visual space.

With these 7 easy advices you can turn any bathroom from a cramped space into a stylish relaxation zone.