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9 Awesome Decoration Ideas for Design Lovers

9 Awesome Decoration Ideas for Design Lovers

Decorating your home can be a lot of fun, especially if you’re a design lover. It gives you the opportunity to be creative, to express yourself, and to experiment with new things. When you’re decorating your home, you need to make sure that you incorporate designs and furniture that you feel comfortable with. Your home should be your personal zone of reflection and relaxation. If you’re not comfortable with your home’s interior décor, then you won’t be able to relax there.

This article will tell you 9 awesome decoration ideas so that you can decorate your home more effectively:

Set a Colour Scheme

The very first thing that you need to do when you’re decorating a house is to set a colour scheme. The reason for this is that when you have a colour scheme, the furniture selection process becomes much easier. It also makes painting your home much simpler.

When you have a colour scheme, your home will look more cohesive and it will flow a lot more naturally. With a colour scheme, you don’t have to fuss around and you can begin painting immediately because you know which colours you are going to be using. Make sure that you take your home’s theme into consideration when you’re selecting a colour scheme.  

Set a Theme

On that note, it’s very important that you set your house a theme. This makes decorating and furnishing your home much easier. A theme will make your home more cohesive because the rooms in your home will be consistent with one another. Themes play a major role in determining the mood of your house. If you choose Scandinavian or Japanese minimalism, then your home will be bright, airy, and open. If you choose a traditional theme, then your house might be less spacious and might contain heavy, dark furniture. There are thousands of design catalogues available online that showcase different theme ideas.

Wall Art

Wall art is another great way to add character to your home. If you would prefer to hang photographs instead of art, then on this site you can get discounts of up to 50% on photo frames. If you would prefer art instead of photographs, then you can pick up antique artwork at auction for next to nothing or you can buy reproduction prints online. When you’re selecting art for your home, try to make sure that it matches your home’s overall theme. For example, for a modern, minimalistic Japanese design, an oil painting of a soldier will be incongruous.

Accent Walls

Accent walls are something to think about if you’re a design lover. They can add a lot of colour to a room that might otherwise be quite bland. They give you the opportunity to use bolder colours, especially if your home is mostly white or grey. Accent walls are great if you’re showcasing artwork, furniture, or sculptures. An accent wall will captivate your guests’ attention. They give you the opportunity to make a statement and express yourself.

 9 Awesome Decoration Ideas for Design Lovers

Trying Wallpaper

If you’re designing a house, then instead of painting it why not invest in wallpaper? Wallpaper is usually overlooked nowadays, mainly because people prefer minimalist designs. This is very unfortunate because wallpaper can add a lot of character to your home, especially if it’s an older home. There are many different types of wallpaper to choose from, from floral patterns to horizontal and vertical stripes. You can commission artists to make you your own, customized wallpaper, or you can buy it from a store. The former option can be very expensive, but it can also allow you to add a lot of character to your home.

Moreover, you can buy designer wallpapers. Tattoo artists, fine art photographers, hardcore graphic designers take part in creating of modern wall decoration. Designer wallpapers can vary from creating a statement wall mural to abstract designs, or it can be something from a world-renowned artist. This type of wallpaper is perfect for finding ones that directly match your style and taste.

Antique Statement Pieces

When you’re furnishing a house, one of the most difficult parts can be selecting statement-furniture. Statement furniture is usually the largest, most captivating piece of furniture in a room, for example, a bed or a chest of drawers. A good way to save yourself money and to add flair to your house is to use antique statement pieces. You can repurpose, repaint, and reuse old pieces of furniture that might not necessarily be immediately captivating. Antique statement pieces also give you the opportunity to be creative. You can do whatever you want to do to them. Try to avoid buying already repurposed antique furniture, because it’s usually sold at ridiculous prices.

Carpets and Rugs

Carpets and rugs can change an entire room’s dynamic. They add both character and flair. Rugs like Persian rugs have a lot of character, although they can be expensive. At the moment, jute carpeting is particularly popular. One of the benefits of jute carpeting is that you can put rugs down over it without it looking strange. This gives you a lot more control in terms of a room’s design. If you want to pick up cheap Persian rugs, then you should browse online auction websites. Online auction websites can be very affordable and very reliable places to buy both rugs and furniture.

Curtains and Blinds

Another important thing to think about is window furnishings. Your curtains or blinds will play a very large role in your home’s interior décor. If you don’t choose the right window furnishings, then your home can look very strange. Blinds are great for modern homes, while curtains are better for traditional homes. With that said, linen curtains in neutral tones can look very good in modern homes. Try to avoid gaudy, oddly patterned curtains, as these can look very strange.

Design Catalogues

If you’re a design lover but don’t have an artistic flair, you can still make your home’s interior look awesome. You can do this by browsing design catalogues. Design catalogues will present ready-made interior designs that you can copy and make your own. Even if you do have an artistic flair, these catalogues and magazines are still a great place for you to look. You can also browse social media accounts, vlogs, and design blogs for ideas.

If you’re interested in interior design, then you should benefit from this article’s 9 useful tips and tricks. Interior design isn’t easy, even if you’ve got experience. Every job is a new challenge. Whether you use these tips for your home or somebody else’s home, give them some serious thought.