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9 Often Overlooked Design Elements That Can Completely Transform a Home

Modern kitchen with island and large industrial window

If you are thinking about remodeling your home it would pay to take the time to think about all aspects of your design plan to see if they will have the desired impact in taking the look and feel of your property to a new level.

It is not just the inside of your home that needs to be considered if you are looking to achieve the biggest transformational impact. Good use of outdoor lighting can really make a difference to the style and overall ambiance of your home.

Making full use of lighting options, outdoor and inside, are the sort of design elements that can be all too easily overlooked.

Here are some design elements that should be on your agenda when you are planning a remodel.

Setting the tone

Let’s start with lighting. Good lighting is crucial to setting the right tone and balance in any space.

If you are lighting a bathroom area, for instance, you need to ensure that you get the right level of lighting in the room. If you don’t have enough lighting or options in the bathroom it will feel dark and uninviting. On the other hand, if the lighting is too bright it will be too clinical and your bathroom won’t feel like the oasis of luxury and warmth that makes you want to spend time there.

Make sure you try to use as much natural light as possible and always remember that your choice of lighting will make or break the way each room looks and feels. 

Lighting is easily one of the most important design elements to get right.

Maximize your available space

Some rooms can look too cluttered and others just seem so dark and unwelcoming.

One of the key aspects that influences this vibe is how you make use of your available space.

Choosing an open-plan look can work if you can clear the clutter from your floor space. It might mean removing some internal walls when remodeling, but it is often the best way to connect rooms and create that feeling of flow that is so appealing about a home that is designed around open spaces.

Small touches can make a big difference

Removing walls and changing the decor are obviously big changes to undertake. However, there are also lots of small upgrades that you can do which can have a big impact.

Think about the door knobs around your home, for instance.

If you replace your old doorknobs with some sleek and polished door handles it could enhance the vibe you are trying to achieve without costing too much money.

 Living room with antique furniture and contemporary design objects

Mouldings are a good finishing touch

Focus on attention to detail and it can really pay dividends. A good example of this would be the use of wood mouldings around your home.

When you add mouldings to cabinetry or walls it can have a subtle but commanding aesthetic difference to your room’s overall appearance. It is also a design element that adds a touch of sophistication and brings the design of your room to a new and higher level.

Good storage makes a difference

Clearing the clutter doesn’t just mean putting everything into a box and staking them up in a corner of a room you don’t use very often.

If you can design some creative and attractive storage solutions it will give you somewhere useful to put your stuff and add a new dimension to your room’s design in a positive way.

Maximizing the available space in your home requires a fair bit of creativity. Using good storage options and designs can be transformational in the way your home looks.

Choose the right patterns and textures

Choosing the right patterns and textures to use around your home is your opportunity to stamp your personality on each space.

If you think about how you are going to use and layer these different patterns and textures it allows you the chance to pick out highlights in your design that can be subtle but persuasive in terms of the overall design for each room.

Make good use of pictures

Your choice of pictures and wall hangings is very emotive. You might be someone who likes fine art or maybe you prefer to have lots of family memories around your home.

Remember that your use of pictures is a reflection of your personality. Think about this design element so that you achieve the right feel for each room. One that tells people who you are and what you like.

 Bedroom with exposed wooden ceiling beams

Don’t be afraid of using darker tones

The chance to introduce some darker tones in certain places around your home is a design element that is often overlooked. 

You might think that it is always better to go for paler shades but darker shades can be used very effectively to bring a bit of character and boldness to a room design.

Used cleverly, you may be surprised how effective a darker statement wall can be in a small room such as a bathroom. It is a design element that can add a degree of interest to a space as well as delivering a level of coziness that you might not have expected.

Blend your outdoor space with indoors

A good design trick to consider is finding a way that brings the outside in.

What this means is making it feel like your garden and indoor living space are fused together rather than being separate entities.

The most obvious and easy way of achieving this aim would be to use plenty of foliage. This creates a natural connection between your outdoor space and indoors. If you can add some bi-fold doors to your kitchen, for instance, you can also create an easy walkway and connection between your indoor and outdoor areas.

When you are planning to give your home a makeover make sure you think about these important and often overlooked design elements.

They could make all the difference to how you use your home and the level of enjoyment you get from each room.