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A Guide to Maximizing Your Vehicle Storage

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Many drivers often consider a vehicle’s engine size, performance specifications, and special features when choosing a make and model. Yet they might overlook its storage space, which could affect their comfort and lifestyle.

It doesn’t matter if you own a compact car or an SUV; you can introduce tactics and products to make the most of the space. Read this guide to maximizing your vehicle storage.

Clear the Trunk

Trunk space is important to many drivers, especially for small and large families. However, if your vehicle is full of belongings you don’t want to store in the home, you’ll struggle to squeeze in travel luggage, children’s bikes, or golf clubs when you need to travel from A to B. For this reason, you should clear the trunk of items you’re not using right now, which will make it easier to load the items into your car and hit the road.

Install a Roof Rail

If you find it impossible to squeeze luggage, a stroller, or camping gear into your trunk, consider installing a roof rail onto your vehicle. Rails are easy to install and provide additional space to store various items, which will make road trips easier and more comfortable. It’s a perfect option for an SUV, as they often feature racks or roof rails to provide drivers with access to more space if needed.

Introduce Clever Mods & Accessories

Speaking of SUVs, you can add various mods and accessories to many sport utility vehicles to create a more functional, comfortable, and attractive interior. For instance, you’ll be spoilt for options when looking for clever Toyota 4runner accessories to free up space, as you can buy a center console organizer, glove box organizer, or an interior cargo basket. You can even make the most of the SUV’s vertical space with a hatch molle-style panel.

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Invest in a Trailer

If it feels near impossible to squeeze in a large amount of luggage or equipment, you might need to invest in a trailer to add more space to your vehicle. You’d be surprised by how many belongings you can fit into a small trailer, which will prevent your passengers from storing luggage or belongings on their laps during travel.

Also, a trailer will allow you to store muddy equipment away from the car, which will keep it clean and fresh. It’s a perfect option for those who camp regularly, or often transport sports equipment, such as golf clubs, bikes, and more. 

Use Your Visor

The sun visor will not only protect your eyes from glaring rays, but it can also become a handy storage solution. Strap a couple of elastic bands around it to store various small objects, such as your work ID badge, sunglasses, or a pack of wet wipes. It is ideal for holding small items that you might want to quickly grab in the car.

If you introduce the above options in your vehicle, you’ll enjoy a cleaner, more organized, and comfortable short or long journey on the road.

Follow the above guide to maximize your vehicle storage.