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An Introduction to the Ogee Skirting Board Design

An Introduction to the Ogee Skirting Board Design

La Miko from Pexels

So, you’ve decided that perhaps it is time to upgrade the skirting boards around your home and give it a new look and feel. You head online to do a quick search about skirting boards and you realize there are so many different options to choose from now! A whole lot more than a simple, white, and classic design with straight lines, which is the image that usually comes to mind when people think about skirting boards.

Going through your list of options, you come across something called an ogee skirting board. All these questions come flooding into your mind. What is an ogee board design? What kind of home does this design best fit in with? Why does it look like ogee has become a popular choice with many homeowners lately? Well, this guide is here to answer all of those questions. Let’s jump right in and take a closer look at what an ogee skirting board is and why you should consider including them into your home if it fits your style.

What Is An Ogee Design?

An ogee skirting board design is something that has become a favorite for a while now. Since its introduction into the remodeling and construction world, the ogee skirting board has quickly become a fast favorite and a staple item in every design portfolio. The easiest way to identify an ogee skirting board is by its sweeping and curved profile.

The ogee skirting board has an S profile to it. When you look at it, it resembles a double curve. One of the curves is the convex while the other is the concave. Did you know that the ogee design is of Arabic origin and that it was first used in cathedrals in the United Kingdom? This was around the 14th century and before this design found its way into the modern home the way it does today. It is a simple style that is still strong enough to make a powerful statement in any room it is placed in.

Why this design is considered one of the most popular skirting board options out there is because it has found the perfect balance between being decorative without being over the top about it. Ogee designs are offered by several manufacturers and home remodeling businesses. However, there are slight differences and variations in its design and curves depending on the manufacturer. Before you purchase the skirting board for your home, contact the manufacturer and ask if you can get a free sample. This is an effective strategy especially for homeowners who already have an ogee skirting board in their home. This way, you ensure that you get the right match with what you are looking for.

 An Introduction to the Ogee Skirting Board Design

What Other Reasons Contribute to Its Popularity?

The versatility of the skirting board is one of the many reasons why this board has become a popular choice over the years. It’s simple design and curves means that it can be easily cared for. If you’re thinking about adding an extra touch like painting or sprucing up the skirting board, you could easily do it yourself too. The simple design means that DIY jobs are easy to handle and not too complicated when you don’t have intricate designs working against you.

The ogee designs make an excellent finishing touch to any home because of how easily it blends in with flooring, carpeting, and wallpaper. You don’t necessarily have to own a Victorian-style home to enjoy the flair of the ogee if you wanted to (although it does compliment a Victorian home best because of the history of the design). Working with the right interior designer and skirting board manufacturer, your ogee design boards could easily find a home in your home if you wanted it too. A lot of it comes down to how you style the room too, the skirting board is just one aspect of the overall look and feel of the room.

Who Is The Ogee Skirting Board For? 

The ogee design is perfect for homeowners who want a combination of a design that is both modern and traditional in their home. Ogee designs these days fall into two categories. There is the ogee traditional design and the ogee modern design. The style that you go for would depend on the kind of look you’re after for your home.

A modern design ogee skirting board is simple and small, perfect for the more modern homes with smaller spaces to work with. The traditional ogee designs, on the other hand, can sometimes be a lot larger. There is also a lot more decorative detail to the traditional designs and they usually work best in older homes, especially Victorian or Georgian homes.

How Well Does the Ogee Stand Out In A Home?

How well the ogee design skirting board stands out in a home will depend on several factors. To get the full impact of it, the skirting boards should be in a home that has other traditional Victorian features to it. For example a home that has oriental rugs, a mantlepiece, dark wooden floors, or pelmet head curtains is an example of a home where ogee skirtings would work best in.

Final Thoughts Before Picking Your Skirting Board

If this is the first time you are going to change the skirting boards in your home, opt for classic designs that are timeless. These are the designs, like the ogee design, that are the safest option to go with. They will ensure that your room looks simple, classic, and aesthetically pleasing without going overboard with it.

Before you pick the design of the skirting board you want for your home, spend some time researching and thinking about how you want to style your home too. The perfect skirting board for your home is a board that blends in well with everything else that you have going on in the room. It should not overshadow your existing decor or look too out of place. When in doubt, you could always consider getting a second opinion.