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Bamboo Toilet Paper Vs Recycled Toilet Paper: Which is The Best?

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Toilet paper is one of the most essential bathroom must-haves. Most regular or traditional papers are gotten from the pulp of virgin softwood which is gotten from trees in the forests. Trees defend our planets against climatic changes and the air we breathe is created by trees. 

We should not only be concerned about the trees but the innumerable habitats lost pose a great threat to wildlife species’ futures. This is leading to detrimental effects on the indigenous peoples’ land. 

These days most of us are tilting towards environmentally friendly options. Whether it is reusable bags or metal straws, we are all trying to save our planet. But some not-so-obvious waste swaps can make huge differences like purchasing eco-friendly toilet papers. 

We have ascertained that regular toilet paper is detrimental to our environment and this can damage our planet, from compounding our waste problem to contributing greatly to deforestation. 

Bamboo or Recycled Toilet Paper? Which is The Best?

There are two major types of toilet paper competing for being the most environmentally friendly. First, the bamboo toilet paper and recycled toilet power. We can start by comparing both, to know which is the best. 

Recycled Toilet Paper

Toilet paper derived from recycled materials does not pose a great threat to the environment compared to virgin fiber. Recycled toilet paper is procured from raw materials. Recycled toilet paper does not decrease trees’ demands and materials deposited in landfills. 

Recycled toilet paper uses less water than virgin paper during production. It takes between twenty-eight and seventy percent lower consumption of energy.

The process of recycling involves the breakdown of energy and chemicals and mixing recycled paper. It sometimes also involves bisphenol-A, a chemical for inking/dying and whitening.

When women become too exposed to this chemical, it results in diseases and fertility problems. Each time a paper is recycled, its quality reduces. A paper can be recycled about four to six times and the fibers will start getting weak and short.

Bamboo Toilet Paper

Bamboo can be the best alternative you need to your regular toilet paper. Producing bamboo toilet paper can be similar to that of regular toilet paper. Bamboo toilet paper is derived from bamboo trees.

Bamboo is an important material when it comes to making environmentally friendly toilet paper. Bamboo is an easily renewable and readily available resource on our planet. 

Bamboo does not require plenty of water to grow healthy and strong. 

It is a self-reliant and eco-friendly resource. The growth of bamboo requires a smaller amount of water than the growth of trees which consume more water. We are making great choices as consumers trying to conserve energy for the better condition of our environment.

Bamboo is environmentally friendly and unique because it produces high-quality goods better for our environment. Bamboo can be trusted to take care of our planet. ecoHiny bamboo toilet paper is very different. It offers a lasting bathroom experience. After using your bamboo toilet paper, it is septic-free and biodegradable.  

You might be wondering, is bamboo toilet paper septic safe? Well, yes, it is. Once you flush the bamboo toilet, it dissolves quickly in the water. With this, the biodegradable will not block your pipes. 

Man in White T-shirt Holding White Tissue Roll

Why Bamboo Toilet Paper is the Best

The good thing about bamboo tissue paper is that it absorbs 5 times more carbon dioxide than trees and emits about 35 percent more oxygen than trees. Bamboo is also the fastest-growing, rapidly renewable natural plant in the world today. It grows up to three 3 feet in twenty-four hours and reaches maturity in 4 to 6 years. Moreso, it is a highly sustainable crop.

Bamboo toilets are safe for the environment because carbon emissions from bamboo toilet paper are 30 percent lower than recycled ones and 65 percent lower than normal toilet paper.

Also, bamboo toilet rolls contain zero plastic and zero chemicals, while other products are bleached, chemically treated, or individually wrapped.

Even though they may look good, this isn’t good enough for the environment and it is highly wasteful!

Why Bamboo Toilet Paper is Considered Expensive

Even though it’s considered expensive, in reality, bamboo toilet paper is not expensive! The product is made to be environmentally friendly and each one can contain as much as 300 sheets per roll, which provides great value for users.


Bamboo toilet outperforms recycled and traditional paper options. It is softer, absorbent, and thicker naturally than the recycled and regular paper options. Both toilet papers are more eco-friendly than your traditional toilet paper. However, bamboo toilet roll inches out as the winner and the best in this case for several reasons

While the war against climate change is a challenging and complex prospect, investing in bamboo products that aim to protect the environment, such as bamboo toilet paper, ensures we are playing our part, and making our intention known when it comes to restoring the health of our planet.