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Bathroom Design Trends in 2020

Bathroom Design Trends in 2020

Design is like fashion: every year it brings new trends. When it comes to bathrooms, 2020 will be all about organic materials, bathroom fitters, statement walls and multiple lighting. Let’s detail how you should renovate yours if you were already planning it. And if you weren’t, you just might be tempted to do so after reading this!

A Good Bathroom Is a Healthy One

Before you even start thinking about the design, you have to keep in mind, the ventilation of the room so that you don’t find yourself with moulds and mildew, which can be a serious health hazard. Today, there are also materials you can use such as sanitary silicone with fungicides that can help protect rooms with high humidity levels. Plan well so you don’t have to renovate again for sanitary purposes later on.

 Bathroom Design Trends in 2020

Use Organic Materials

This is the year where all rooms are invaded by organic materials. The trend started last year and it comes from Scandinavian countries. Bringing wood into a bathroom can be a challenge due to the humidity but new technologies and materials are making it easier than ever. For example, new water-based varnishes are much more efficient than before and help protect real wood in bathrooms. You can even use a pine floor as long as you protect it with a good quality lacker.

More and more people add plants to their bathrooms. There are quite a few that enjoy the humidity and are tolerant to rapid and frequent changes of temperature. That will definitely bring out the organic side. You can also use ceramic wallpapers which are highly durable.

Go Wild with Your Walls

Bold color tiles and unusual laying patterns are the must-have in a bathroom right now. The idea is to mix them up by laying the tiles in herringbone patterns, chevrons or by placing skinny tiles vertically. Try to go for major contrasts by using white or light-colored tiles and mixing them with black or other darker colors. Don’t be afraid to insert multiple tints as long as they really separate from one another. Your wall should be impossible to ignore.

 Bathroom Design Trends in 2020

Light it differently

Statement lighting could be the element that will bring it all together in the end. Forget about that one light on the ceiling in the middle of the room and position some all over. You can add some to the overhead shelves and position others around the edges of the room. Don’t forget to install a sensor light for night-time too. Just make sure that all of them have a sufficient IP rating to be placed in a bathroom (protection from water).