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Best 3 Design Choices To Create Space In The Home

Kitchen with dining area

Perhaps you live in a smaller home – many people do. Although it might feel as though this is a hard space to decorate and that a larger property would be a much easier prospect when it comes to design and the things you can do to make it look great, the reality is that any space, no matter what the size, can look wonderful with a few tweaks and some time taken over the design. 

In fact, if you have a smaller home, you can even use your design choices to make it feel bigger, or even actively create space. Read on to find out how. 

Use Stone Flooring 

It might surprise you to learn that stone flooring, as well as looking beautiful, can actually make your space seem bigger. For example, if you choose large stone tiles from Quorn Stone, you’ll have fewer grout lines on the floor, and that prevents the area from being broken up; the appearance this gives off is that the space is larger than it really is. 

You can also choose light-coloured stone tiles. The lighter the colour on the floor, the bigger the space will feel as you’re opening it up. With darker colours, although it might feel cosy,  you’re only adding more shadow and areas that can’t be used properly because they’re not light enough. 

 Skylight flooding a kitchen with light

Let In Natural Light 

The more natural light you can let into your home, the bigger the space will feel. Although you can’t necessarily make your windows any bigger (although if you and your budget will allow for it, why not go ahead with this idea if you want to?), you can do a number of different things that will let more natural light into your home. 

One thing to do is to cut back any trees and bushes that are currently blocking light outside your window. This is such a simple thing to do, but a lot of people don’t think about it, jumping immediately to renovations instead. Switch your dark curtains for light ones and use tie backs to keep the window as clear as possible – you might even want to reposition the curtain rail so that the curtains can hang entirely clear of the window when pulled back. Even better, switch curtains for blinds as these allow a lot more light to come in. 

Use Neutral Colours

Neutral colours in a home are always popular, and although most people will say the main reason is so that there is a blank canvas to work with (you can use accessories and furniture to add the brighter or more interesting colours), another reason is that it does open up the space. 

When the walls and floors are neutral, your eye is not drawn to them. This means you’re not unconsciously thinking about the size of the room all the time. On top of this, the lighter the colour you use, the larger the space will look. Then, as we’ve mentioned, you can add pops of colour using your cushions, a rug, curtains (as long as the colour is still light), and so on.