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Best Men’s Bedroom Ideas

Man lying on bed reading a book

When it comes to decorating, men may not be too concerned about their bedroom décor. But why should a man’s bedroom not be a comfortable sanctuary? If you’re considering making your bedroom a more inviting space, and a great place to escape, we’ve asked some experts for tips on designing a great bedroom for a man.


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 Man opens his bedroom door

Jen Stark | Founder

Happy DIY Home | The Home and Garden Authority

“Decorating a man’s room can seem like a challenge, but the following tips can make it an easier process. Even if you have a neutral, minimalist bedroom, layering textures will give it personality. It can be a challenge to balance out that strong, sleek vibe you want to get and make it an inviting space to go into to sleep and relax, but laying a few throw cushions and a blanket will go a long way. As a bonus, it won’t interrupt the total style of the space while adding softness.”

“Moody and darker bedroom color schemes work well in masculine spaces, including charcoal grays, navy blues, and black. But pairing them with metallics and warmer tones will make these darker colors more inviting. You could introduce some warm gold or copper shades. For example, it’s easy to get gold-toned throw pillows or a copper lamp to set on the bedside table.”

Tobias Handke

Next Luxury – Men’s Magazine And Gear – We Run Men’s Lifestyles

“For a man’s bedroom, I think neutral is your best bet. Keep it to tans or pale grays, but then add your personality. Pops of color or pieces of art really stand out against a neutral background. I also recommend minimalism in the space. Don’t crowd the walls or other spaces with too much. You want to keep the environment calm. A neutral minimalist décor is also somewhat of a blank slate if you bring a mate into the picture at some point. You’ll be ready to make it a space for two without a lot of effort.”