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Best Online Text Editing Tools as an Alternative to Microsoft Word

Best Online Text Editing Tools as an Alternative to Microsoft Word

There come different situations where Microsoft word is not available. For example, if you are traveling to another city and you want to edit a document then Microsoft Word might not available. 

For this, you have the option to choose the online text editors that almost works the same as Microsoft words do. Although the online tools don’t provide the same functions as compare to word still can be helpful for basic document editing. 

Yet, this is not true that Microsoft Word is the only word processor for all types of document creation and editing instead the online tools are more beneficial in some of the cases. 

For example, if you don’t want to install the MS word or there is an activation error while installing it, you can easily use the tools over the web interface. 

Now, the question comes which text editors are efficient and workable just like Microsoft Word? 

This article is all about the best online document editing tools that work as an alternative to Microsoft Word:

1. Zoho Writing tool

Zoho is one of the popular websites for providing writing and relevant tools to users for free. 

With over 20+ writing tools, this website also offers a word processor with multiple attributes hence making it a successful rival of Microsoft Word. 

The most amazing fact about Zoho is that it provides the templates in which you just need to click and edit the template with your writing. 

Whether you want to start writing from the scratch or you want to edit the previously written document, you can easily use this online tool. 

It has the feature of auto-saving making the users free of focusing on the saving of the document after several seconds. Moreover, you can easily download the document once the file is ready to use. 

Some of its additional features are discussed below:

  • Locking the sensitive content for hiding and accessing through password
  • The writing assistant feature will help to remove the grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, and other literature errors 
  • Upload and Download option

You can easily use this tool online for free throughout your life while Zoho is also offering the downloadable version of its tool for Windows. 

 Best Online Text Editing Tools as an Alternative to Microsoft Word

2. Prepostseo

If you are looking for an editor that can help you out in writing SEO optimized articles then the online text editor by Prepostseo is here for you. 

This online text is completely free for all and you can access it without any registration or sign-in. This tool has different SEO features including the following:

  • It checks the grammatical errors in your pasted or uploaded content 
  • It checks the plagiarism in your writing and makes an alert if found with any similarities in your content
  • It helps the users to paraphrase the writing with just a single click 

Besides SEO, this tool can be used for different other options like adding the headings, adding tables into your writing, or changing the format of your writing. 

This tool is helpful because it allows the users to paste or upload the document from any of the devices while it allows downloading the text in the format of PDF or DOC. 

3. Hemingway 

If you want to improve the strength of your writing then Hemingway is a very amazing online tool for you. This tool will generate the report for your content including different factors like:

  • Total words of your writing 
  • Readability score as well as the grade level for which it is readable 
  • Adverbs used in your writing 
  • Passive voice sentences in your writing 
  • The simple alternative in your context
  • Number of sentences that are hard to read
  • Some other information to improve your writing 

Once you upload or paste the text inside the tool, it will highlight the sentence with a different color. Each color has a different meaning like shown in the picture below:

Hemingway is completely a free tool while it can be downloaded on your website easily. Whether you want to edit the already written article or writing from the scratch, this tool can help you in adding the headings, changing the structure, or modifying the phrases in your writing. 

 alternative to Microsoft Word

4. Wordonline.info

If you want to use a word processor that is available online and works just like Microsoft word with most of the features like word then wordonline.info can be the option. 

Here are the features of this amazing online tool:

  • This can help in adding the picture to your content 
  • Modifying the heading of the content or changing the tag for each heading 
  • You can add the citation through this tool 
  • You can download the edited content in different formats including the PDF

The most amazing thing about this editor is that it can help you to add information about the author into your content. 

The “Global Information” form below the tool can be used to enter your information including the file creator, file name, title, header Text, Author, Subject, Keywords, and select a different setting for insertion. 

5. Just free tools

This is another popular website that offers free tools for editing and optimizing the content. This is very simple to use as it doesn’t require any registration or any subscription. 

However, this tool is only beneficial in some cases as it only provides the most basic options for editing. For example, you can edit the spelling mistakes manually or do the editing like breaking the sentences or changing the sentence structure. 

This tool is quite efficient when you have to make a text look like notes. This is because of the interface that looks like a piece of paper as shown below:


When you are selecting the best online text editor for yourself, you should consider the above-mentioned tools because they are tested and experienced and most of their features can fulfill your requirements. 

If you are a student and want to edit the assignments before submission online then online tools are helpful usually because they are quick and easy to use. 

Similarly, most of the bloggers use this to edit the blog post before publishing while the online tools are beneficial because they help to clear the grammatical and other linguistics errors.