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Designing Your Dream Home: How to Create Luxurious Spaces

Buying a home is perhaps the single most stressful thing you can do as an adult. The time consumed by viewings, surveys and meetings with solicitors is eclipsed by the journey of discovery one makes when they realise the enormity of the decorative task ahead of them.

Indeed, renovating your new home can feel like the task of a lifetime – especially where you intend to make this home yours for the long term. Long-term homes deserve to feel like the palace that they are, making luxurious decorative decisions all the more impactful. But what can you do to make your paradise feel that bit more luxurious?

Open It Up

Open spaces are key to creating a sense of opulence in a home. If your property has the square footage to accommodate sprawling spaces, then all the better – but magnitude and magnificence do not necessarily require an abundance of space. Rather, space can be insinuated through clever design decisions and careful consideration of sight lines.

Open-plan living spaces fluctuate in popularity, and you may not be altogether convinced by knocking through from living space to kitchen. If not, though, there are still ways in which you can make the most of both worlds. Sightlines from living space to kitchen can be created by removing parts of the wall, or by replacing the wall with floating kitchen cabinetry.


Sleek Bedroom


Of course, there is a limit to how much you can achieve in a given home. Building an extension provides you with more practicable space, and the opportunity to enhance your leisure spaces; it is also true that building an extension adds a significant amount of value to your home. But in many cases, the creation of additional space may be necessary to realise your luxury décor plans.

Extensions are involved projects, even if only single-storey extensions. To this end, external funding can be a useful tool for seeing a project through, particularly if you have a discerning eye for luxury detail. Your extended space might be a connected conservatory, making the most of natural light to pull the outdoors indoors. Alternatively, it might extend your existing cooking space, further extending your sightlines and creating some essential breathing space on your ground floor.

Weaponise Your Outdoors

Your outdoor space is likely dramatically underutilised in your existing renovation plans. A lot of your time is naturally taken up in designing and detailing your interior spaces, but your exterior spaces are those that make the most immediate impressions.

With this in mind, you might consider soliciting the services of a landscaping architect, to sculpt your garden into something at once usable and enjoyable. Patios are evergreen spaces, but also ten a penny; what matters is how they are approached. Polished flagstones reflect magnificence as well as they do light, while stone or well-carpentered structures provide bespoke and aesthetically-pleasing shade.

Image courtesy of ©Timothy Kaye