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SZ Bikes Introduces The Equilibrium Model

Equilibrium Model SZ Bikes

Giovanni Mocchetti

The goal of the Equilibrium Model by SZ Bikes is to deliver a stylish, dynamic and safe way of moving to all those who believe in a green urban mobility future with less cars and less pollution, with the aim of improving quality of life.

The bike is completely designed, engineered and built in Italy with particular attention given to details. The first step in the process was to come up with a component that could make the bike unique at first sight. So the team decided to focus on the rims as they form a core element of the bike. Eventually, the half rim coloration was born which gives a particular and noticeable effect to the bike.

 Equilibrium Model SZ Bikes

The choice of good materials is vital in order to assure a pleasant, reliable and, most importantly, safe journey when riding through the city streets. Therefore, aluminum is used for the frame, rims, pedals, handlebar and the seat tube. The technical properties of this metal provide the best compromise in order to have a stable, safe and comfortable trip.

As the weight plays a crucial part, the front fork is completely made of carbon fiber. This material reduces the overall weight, and consequently simplifies the carriage of the bike into an apartment.

 Equilibrium Model SZ Bikes

The goal of the Equilibrium range is to create a good looking bike while respecting the riders requests for comfort. For this reason, the saddle and the grips play a fundamental role in determining the aesthetical and functional success of the bike. After months of tests and research for the perfect saddle, the particular “Spyder Saddle” came forward as most suitable for the project. Aside from its minimalistic design and lightweight, the seat comfort stands out the most. How? By using a flexible plastic material that keeps the saddle soft while keeping its form unvaried.

Furthermore the front grips are made of sponge material and can absorb all the shocks caused by the road.

 Equilibrium Model SZ Bikes

The Equilibrium model by SZ Bikes features a two speed Automatic shifting Hub which assures the best gear ratio depending on the speed of the bike. The working principle is simple: a centrifugal clutch mechanism chooses your gear automatically and switches as soon as the rider requires the high or low gear. Thanks to this technology, the user can ride without having to be exhausted after uphill sections and can enjoy his journey while the Automatic Hub is taking care of the rest.

Equipping the bike with two gears instead of one means that the rider reaches higher speeds. As a consequence, the braking system has to be able to deliver a safe and rapid stop. For this reason, a hydraulic front disc brake is mounted to guarantee a powerful and precise brake in every kind of weather condition.
In addition to it, a coaster brake is installed into the automatic gear hub and assures even better braking quality and works smoothless as soon as someone pedals backwards.

 Equilibrium Model SZ Bikes

What’s the biggest problem of owning a nice bike in a big city? Of course, thefts. To fight this increasing phenomenon, the Equilibrium model features a small but effective accessory.

A built in 120 decibel siren is placed into the taillight which is secured under the saddle. A remote control  activates the siren and, as soon as someone lightly touches the bike, the built in vibration sensor enables the siren. After a first short warning ring the siren will continue ringing until it gets switched off.

 Equilibrium Model SZ Bikes

all images © Giovanni Mocchetti | courtesy of SZ Bikes