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Giant Lipstick sculpture made of over 5000 tubes by Agne Kisonaite


Vilnius-based artist Agne Kisonaite has realized a giant sculpture made of  over 5000 used lipstick, measuring a height of 2.5 meters with an overall weight of 200 kg. “Four tubes of rouge are sold every second in the world, and considering the amount of packaging left which cannot be recycled, “ explains Agne “so I wanted to create something which triggered our society to think more seriously about consumerism and the types of products they are purchasing, and bring attention towards the need to reduce waste.


2-giant-lipstick-sculpture-made-of-over-5000-tubes-by-agne-kisonaite 3-giant-lipstick-sculpture-made-of-over-5000-tubes-by-agne-kisonaite 4-giant-lipstick-sculpture-made-of-over-5000-tubes-by-agne-kisonaite 5-giant-lipstick-sculpture-made-of-over-5000-tubes-by-agne-kisonaite 6-giant-lipstick-sculpture-made-of-over-5000-tubes-by-agne-kisonaite 7-giant-lipstick-sculpture-made-of-over-5000-tubes-by-agne-kisonaite 8-giant-lipstick-sculpture-made-of-over-5000-tubes-by-agne-kisonaite 9-giant-lipstick-sculpture-made-of-over-5000-tubes-by-agne-kisonaite 10-giant-lipstick-sculpture-made-of-over-5000-tubes-by-agne-kisonaite

all imges © MARIJA KABLYTE – video courtesy of AGNE ART