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Home Design Inspirations: What Does A Scandinavian Kitchen Look Like?

Home Design Inspirations: What Does A Scandinavian Kitchen Look Like?

Whether you are looking to renovate your kitchen or build a new one, you might want to check out Scandinavian designs. They tend to be minimalistic, and strike a balance between functionality, practicality, and design. This design philosophy will make your kitchen look great while being very functional. 

Here are some styles that set Scandinavian kitchens apart from all the others:

1. White And Bright Hues

A Scandinavian kitchen embodies light hues and shades of white. When an interior designer thinks of Scandinavian styles, the first thing that will come to their mind is the color white. If the style were likened to a season, it would definitely be winter.

These bright hues display an airy and cheerful atmosphere within your kitchen. Moreover, a white kitchen looks very clean when you look at it from afar. It also amplifies the natural light coming in from the windows. 

Lighter colors will allow more light to reflect off your kitchen walls and give an illusion of a larger space in your kitchen. It will create a bright and spacious atmosphere for your kitchen. It’ll also make it look more modern and minimalist.

2. Wooden Flooring

White hues in the kitchen need to be contrasted with some hints of dark color when designing a Scandinavian kitchen. That’s why a Scandinavian kitchen design showroom will often have wooden flooring to complement the light colors in the kitchen.

Hence, wooden floors are another must when you have a Scandinavian style kitchen. The flooring will provide a pop of color, and add a little warmth to your kitchen without being too lively. 

Additionally, it also gives a rustic feel to your sophisticated and minimalistic Scandinavian style kitchen. Moreover, wooden floors are not very hard to clean. So, it’ll also be practical to choose wood for your flooring.

 Home Design Inspirations: What Does A Scandinavian Kitchen Look Like?

3. Art Works And Paintings

A Scandinavian style kitchen will not be complete without contemporary art hanging on your kitchen walls. You can include a canvas painting or a framed photo to add more sophistication and personality in your kitchen.

A hint of art never harmed anyone, especially since it’ll give some life to your kitchen. Moreover, it can also serve as an inspiration when you’re cooking. 

A simple artwork or painting will do, and it should ideally have pastel colors and light hues to be consistent with the overall theme of your kitchen.

4.  Open Shelving

Another characteristic of a Scandinavian style kitchen is open shelving instead of closed cabinets. Open shelving will be consistent with your theme of having an airy atmosphere. Adding this small detail will make the kitchen feel more open and spacious.

In addition to that, open shelves will be more practical since you’ll be able to see the things you need immediately. You just need to keep it organized since everyone who walks in will see the items on your shelves from the outset. Take note that if it’s left disorganized, your whole kitchen will look very messy.

5. Metallic Accents

Metal is also something that’s commonly used in Scandinavian style kitchens to give a neat look. Hence, metallic accents are subtle details that’ll add to the Scandinavian look for your kitchen. 

Metallic accents can be in the form of drawer handles, knife racks, organizers, stool legs, and more. Your kitchen utensils, equipment, and appliances can also be in stainless steel so that they go with the whole theme.

 Home Design Inspirations: What Does A Scandinavian Kitchen Look Like?

6.  Organized Cabinets And Pull Ups

Scandinavian kitchen styles are all about being minimalistic and saving on space. This design aesthetic is concerned with cleanliness, organization, and neatness as well. That’s why you’ll also see grouped cabinets and pull ups in such kitchens to store all the necessary items. 

Scandinavian kitchen styles have a way of making storage more practical, functional, and yet stylish at the same time.

7.  Hybrid Of The Old And The New 

Scandinavian design has a talent for achieving the perfect balance of the old and the new. These styles mostly make use of vintage designs and add a modern twist to them. So if you’re a fan of anything vintage, you’ll surely love Scandinavian kitchen styles because they give a classic spin to the modern kitchens that are commonly seen today.


Scandinavian kitchen styles are sought after and known worldwide for being simple yet chic. Combining a pop of color and subtlety, a Scandinavian kitchen will exude an airy and light feeling when you start cooking. The kitchen’s wooden accents will impart some warmth, its vintage feel will make it appear classic, and its organized cabinets and shelving will provide you with ample storage room.