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Home Improvement 101: Best Tips

Home Improvement 101: Best Tips

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There is nothing like a good summer break to get one all riled up to upgrade their humble abode. It could range from a simple clean-up and a paint job to a total makeover. Whatever the reason, here are some tips to consider before you begin. 

A Thorough Cleansing

First things first, a full sweep of the house is absolutely important no matter what you plan to do next. Cleaning the house will point you towards the areas that require repair, big or small. Note them down and sort them out. Figure out which ones you can fix on your own and which ones you’ll require the help of professional services. If you find mold or water damage, it is better to hand over the responsibility to a professional. 

This might also lead you to some unwanted surprises like bug infestations that went unnoticed during the summer, so be prepared. Install smart pest repellers to protect both your family and the bugs! Bugs don’t like it when you bring out the current month’s Automobile magazine to kill them, they prefer to go back to their families. Use a compact device that produces ultrasonic, electromagnetic, and bionic pulses that expel all types of insects and pests out of your home in a cruel free manner. 

The other unseen advantage of a basic cleaning is you get to discard the trash you’ve been holding on to. No, we’re not talking about the birthday card you got from your middle school crush, we mean the clothes and worn-out shoes you refuse to part with. Try to find clothes, toys, and other household accessories you can donate. If that is not your thing, know when to reuse, sell and replace the material things in life. 

Update and Upgrade

Change filters wherever necessary, dishwashers, water filters, what have you! Although this is expected to be done by homeowners every 2-3 months, it helps if you go the extra mile to clean out the vents. You can also find a large variety of vent covers online to make them look less obvious and mix up the look of your house. 

Check if old wooden furniture requires a layer of varnish or polish, this includes the patio and patio furniture. While you’re at it, it doesn’t hurt to go through every cabinet door, handles, faucets, and light fixtures. Changing them to match your new vibe is always an option. 

There are plenty of options online at your local thrift or hardware store, ranging from Victorian-era drawer knobs to futuristic LED stick-on light fixtures. These are also relatively small expenses, and you wouldn’t feel guilty spending the extra 10 on a nice doormat. And if you have a metal building, don’t forget to install metal building insulation as that will lower your future bills and expenses, and it will keep your building protected for a long time.

 Home Improvement 101: Best Tips

Pick the Right DIY Repairs

Irrespective of your DIY experience status, spend enough time going through YouTube videos and expert advice before you begin. Many hardware stores often offer free clinics on improving your basic home repair skills. Be sure to spend some time there getting acquainted with the tools of the trade. 

DIY repairs are a little tricky, so be sure you know what you’re signing up for and whether you are willing to put in the necessary time and effort into it. Painting doors, cabinets, windows, or even a wall might be simpler when compared to painting the entire house. In most cases, just because you can, doesn’t mean you should! If you don’t know if your garbage disposal is just clogged or broken, wait for a professional to give you their two cents. 

Decor Tips

  • Let there be light! Allow a lot of sunlight into the rooms. As for artificial lighting, it is advised to have at least 3 layers of lights in your main rooms. One that illuminates the entire room, usually from the ceiling, a second layer that gives light to isolated locations, and the last, a decorative layer that is usually considered art. 
  • Scale your artwork to your room. Even if you intend to make it the highlight of the room, an inappropriate size art piece will do no justice to the room or itself. 
  • Use visual tricks to make the room look spacy. Use lighter paint colors, hang your curtains higher than your windows and experiment with vertical stripes to visually elongate your walls. Another trick is to lean a large mirror against a wall to make the room seem taller. 
  • Use potted plants to give your home some balance. The sight of a plant is comforting and doesn’t cost much.


Homeowners have a lot of responsibilities. It is up to you to decide when to insulate your home’s pipes, improve the water pressure or simply improve the quality of indoor air and atmosphere. Know when to hire professional help, and don’t be afraid to use technology to turn your house into a smart home. You live in it, you decide how comfortable you want to be!