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Hot Home Design Projects for 2024

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There’s been a major trend in residential design toward blending function, appearance, and sustainability. Several versions of the concept are presented below to give owners some ideas for projects they might want to tackle during the remainder of the year. Besides home lift installation, other trending concepts center around practical jobs, like outdoor living spaces, sustainable design, multipurpose rooms, and the integration of high-tech systems throughout the residence.

All cater to the changing needs of today’s property owners. As each trend continues to flourish, they will no doubt redefine the way homeowners interact with their everyday living spaces. The most successful projects add comfort, efficiency, and a big dose of aesthetics to any house. Here are details about the most popular projects.

Outdoor Living Spaces

A low-cost way to add function and fun to any house is to convert an outdoor space into social areas. Backyards are ideal starting points for creating picnic spaces, game areas, or star gazing patios. Explore the many ways you can turn your yard and other outdoor spaces into outdoor dining rooms and conversation circles, complete with small tables, cushions, and plenty of chairs.

Installing a Home Lift

Not long ago, the units were considered rare luxuries, reserved for a tiny fraction of owners. That has all changed now that technology advancements have made personal lifts much more practical and affordable. Companies like Lifton home lifts cater to a marketplace in which people of all ages are discovering how wise it is to add a lift to any room in the house. Not only do the units add a stunning design element, but they also offer a functional, safe way for residents to move between floors without using stairs. Sleek, minimalist designs easily fit in with all contemporary styles, can add a substantial amount to the resale value of the property, and are fully customizable.

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Multipurpose Rooms

The multi-function room has been a staple of residential living for several decades, but the latest iteration of the trend is more focused on DIY projects, like transforming extra bedrooms into combination yoga studios, craft areas, and meditation zones. Some owners choose to convert just a part of a large basement, attic, or garage into a combined reading nook, discussion area, and nap room. The clever part of the design is making each space serve several purposes at once. With a bit of creativity, the project can be both fun and highly productive.

High-Tech Integration

Smart technology is changing the entire way humans interact with their living spaces. The recent changes include climate control, lighting, entertainment, cooking, and other areas. The devices are becoming more common in newer houses and among those who do renovations of older structures. What are others investing in? In addition to remote access, they’re opting for extensive automation of functions, voice control, and energy-related systems that have the potential to reduce monthly utility bills. Another part of the trend is minimalism, with tiny devices, hidden wiring, sleek designs, and uncluttered appearances. The trend is part of a much grander social movement toward bringing technology into everyday life with a view to adding aesthetics and unmatched functionality.

Images courtesy of Taran Wilkhu and Radek Úlehla