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How Bathroom Style Has Transcended Mere Practicality

How Bathroom Style Has Transcended Mere Practicality

Traditionally, our bathrooms have always been practical spaces. But when you think about it, the great majority of us will start and end our days in our bathrooms. For this reason, more and more contemporary designers are recognizing the importance of bathrooms being painted as a relaxing space, equipped with personalized, essential elements. Here are a few small ways that bathroom style has transcended mere practicality.

Modern interiors

With the transformation of bathroom interiors from porcelain and practical to sleek and dynamic, bathroom renovations are becoming more and more commonplace in Australia, for a surprising list of reasons, from increasing a property’s resale value, to incorporating built-in smart-home technology. However, according to Houzz and Home Australia’s 2019 Report on Renovations, the most popular reason that homeowners decide to renovate is simply to improve the design, look, or feel of their homes. Kitchens and bathrooms have been identified as some of the most high-priority spaces when it comes to renovations and upgrades, simply because modernizing these spaces doesn’t just improve the overall aesthetic of your home, but can also positively impact your home’s cost-efficiency as well as reduce your family’s total carbon footprint. Modern bathroom fixtures like innovative flush toilets and sleek, water-efficient showerheads, have been becoming increasingly popular for their eco-friendly functionality. Similarly, metallic taps and large, wide basins made from brass or stainless steel, are also being incorporated into most Australian bathrooms, as their luxurious feel and no-nonsense maintenance have quickly made them a favorite amongst many modern designers.

 How Bathroom Style Has Transcended Mere Practicality

Self and sanctuary

Although contemporary living has always been about prioritizing functionality and character over aesthetic, contemporary bathroom design stands out for its added ideas regarding our bathrooms as spaces for personal care. Whilst it’s true that modern bathrooms have become just as streamlined as our living spaces, what we’ve learned from our favorite bathroom designs of 2019 is that we don’t want total minimalism in our bathrooms. Bathroom spaces that boast features like textured marble countertops, statement art pieces, and potted plants, are generally more pleasing to be in than totally streamlined spaces. The reason for this is wonderfully simple: we like having a lot of amenities and pleasant distractions in our bathroom spaces. Nice, little extras like candles, happy ferns or succulents, and potpourri, add a sense of self-indulgence to everyday tasks like shaving or brushing your teeth.

If you share your bathroom with other people, it’s worth taking some time to assess what elements would be useful to each person and adding that extra personal touch to your shared space. For instance, if you or a member of your family likes to listen to music, set up a space where they can plug in their phone and a portable speaker. If you’re looking to accommodate an extensive make-up collection, you could organize the storage space in your vanity using a selection of small, colored or wicker baskets. It’s all about the little details and making sure that the space works as a sanctuary for everyone in the household.

 How Bathroom Style Has Transcended Mere Practicality

Living and lounging

It’s safe to assume that at some point or another, we’ve all found ourselves falling in love with a specific armchair or daybed, and wanting to take it home with you despite the fact that you had next to no idea where this piece of furniture should go. Well, what if you could fit that daybed into your bathroom? It’s been said that living room-style bathrooms are set to be the next big thing when it comes to contemporary bathroom design, and given the bathroom space’s transformation over the past decade, it’s easy to understand why. Feel free to place a comfy armchair or daybed and a small side table with a drawer full of books and magazines by your breezy bathroom window to ensure you’ve created a cozy safe haven for all your family members.

As our bathroom’s style evolves, we’ve found that our lifestyle habits might alter to suit these stylistic changes too. Some of us have become more mindful during our daily hygiene rituals, and have found ourselves practicing and prioritizing regular self-care. It just goes to show how impactful our style choices can be!