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How Much Money Does a Modern Bathroom Cost?

How Much Money Does a Modern Bathroom Cost?

A modern bathroom can feel like an exciting process, but it can soon become a living nightmare. The cost of bathroom renovations can get high with the number of changes you are looking for. But that is not all. The materials used, the quality of each material, and other decor pieces may enhance your overall budget. Sanitary ware and fittings may add to it. So before you want to get your bathroom transformed into a new one, it is essential to analyze your requirements and curate a reasonable budget accordingly. This is the first step to understanding how much you should spend on a modern bathroom design.

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Plumbing has a significant role to play in your bathroom renovation. You will notice that the plumber will have a primary job to play in the bathroom during the wall-cutting for concealing the pipes or installing a new fixture. Installing sanitary ware is also an essential function of the plumber in this personal space. Generally, the plumbing prices in your modern bathroom will cost Rs. 25000 comprehensively. This includes the plumbing labour and material cost. However, the budget may go up and down as per your requirements and preferences. So please make sure to focus on that. 


The cost of tiling is comparatively easier to estimate than plumbing. All you have to do is calculate the area of the bathroom floor to estimate the tiling cost. For example, if your bathroom is 7 feet long and 4 feet wide, the area of the floor tiles will be 53 sq feet. It is always wise to add another 5-10% of tiles to have suitable tiles at hand if the remaining tile breaks. Generally, it costs Rs. 160 per square foot to incorporate the tiles. This is for both the walls and the floor, which include the material and labour costs. If you want to install marble instead of tiles, then it will be a bit pricier. So the charges may be Rs. 300 per square foot upwards if the price of marble is nearly Rs. 120 per square foot. 

 How Much Money Does a Modern Bathroom Cost?


There is plenty of sanitaryware available today. So the prices may differ accordingly. The floor-mounted commodes may be available at Rs. 7500. On the other hand, wall-mounted commodes may cost Rs. 10000 per piece. If you go for the standard-sized ones, the over counter wash basins may cost you Rs. 8000. Finally, the excellent quality under counter basins may be available at Rs. 5000 only. So you can purchase all of these according to your budget and preference. 

Sanitary Fixtures

 When you buy Sanitary Fixtures in the market, it is best to estimate an average budget of Rs. 18000. This may include a wall mixer, an overhead shower, and a hand shower. The faucets for the washbasins and floor drains may be incorporated in that. But keep in mind that the prices may differ according to your selection. Other sanitary fixtures may also cost you accordingly. You can visit some local stores to check out new modern designs to fit them into your bathroom on a budget. 


The electrical wiring costs will depend on the number of electrics you choose. It may range from Rs. 150-200 per running foot of wire. The thickness of the cables implemented in the washrooms may make all the difference. If you are using switchboards, Led strip lighting, and hot water geyser, your electrical cost will be calculated accordingly per month. So please make electrical selections wisely before you make the final choice. It would be wise to cut down on the miscellaneous electricals to save up on the budget. 


The ceiling needs to be painted with emulsion paint. This needs to be done in a semi-gloss finish. The finishes that are created will appear on shiny surfaces and will have high resistance to fungal growth. This will give your bathroom an ideal makeover that prevents the growth of fungus easily. The cost of emulsion paint in the ceiling may cost you 35 rupees per square foot. If the bathroom is too small, the painter might quote accordingly. So you have to make a choice wisely. 

 How Much Money Does a Modern Bathroom Cost?


We recommend you try and minimize your miscellaneous costs as far as possible so that you can get an ideal modern bathroom renovation without worrying enough about the budget. But if the budget is not a problem for you, the miscellaneous costs for your modern bathroom design could spill the magic like no other. 

If you go for bathroom countertops like marble and granite, the prices may start from 2500 per running foot. In case you have a tight budget, you could consider quartz countertops as a highly affordable option. But, if you are using toughened glass partitions, the price may start from Rs. 750 per square foot. Finally, if you want to spend on bathroom accessories, a budget of Rs. 5000 rupees is more than enough. You can use this for soap dispensers, towel rings, toothbrush holders, and more. 

Quick Tip

A modern bathroom design could cost a fortune if you ignore your budget and preference. That is why we make sure to focus on the intricate choices during the bathroom renovation. Also, it is best to opt for reputed brands like Caesarstone when you want to get your countertops renovated. Since buying countertops from local stores may not help you get your hands on top-quality products, Caesarstone may come to your rescue. 

The Bottom Line 

If you want to get your bathroom transformed into a modern paradise, do not keep waiting. With the right brand at hand, you could ace the space in no time at all. Make sure you have your budget and preference ready so that your bathroom can be designed accordingly. Once that is done, you will have the best bathroom design for your convenience and budget.