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How Much Weight Can a Beach Chair Hold?

How Much Weight Can a Beach Chair Hold?

Generally, the average beach chair can hold 300 pounds. However, some sturdy and wide beach chairs hold up to 500 pounds or more and others that can only sustain a maximum of 225 or 250 pounds. 

So, it all depends on the chair type, among many other factors that we’ll look at on this post. But first, why is it important to know the beach chair capacity?

Well, would you want to wreck a newly-bought beach chair? Of course not. I also believe you wouldn’t want to tumble from it. 

So, you need to know if a given beach chair can hold your weight or not. Besides, a beach chair that comfortably carries your weight is likely to serve you longer, which means excellent value for money. For in-depth chair research check out this recliner guide from our sources.

Factors That Dictate the Weight Capacities of Beach Chairs

Generally, weight capacities for beach chairs depend on the following:

1. Chair Type

There are so many beach chairs out there, and they all come with different weight limits. Here are the things you need to know about a majority of them:

Most heavy-duty beach chairs have a 500lbs weight capacity

Heavy-duty beach chairs get their name from being extra strong, and this often means having higher weight capacities. That explains why most of these chairs come with a 500lbs weight limit. 

These chairs feature strong, durable materials like steel and powder-coated aluminum, which allow them to hold as much as 500lbs comfortably. 

So, they are ideally designed for plus-size users, and so you should expect them to have broader seats. One of the best in this category is the Big Jumbo 500Lbs XL Aluminum Heavy-Duty Beach Chair. 

Most folding beach chairs come with a 300-400lbs weight capacity

Folding chairs collapses quickly for easy packing and carrying. What’s more, they can fit into suitcases to make it easy for users to bring them on travel. 

So, you don’t expect them to be weighty. Likewise, they don’t come with higher weight capacities.

Interestingly, a majority of beach chairs on the market are folding type, and they mostly come with a 300lbs weight capacity. There are, however, a few others with a 400lbs weight limit. 

One of the best beach chairs in this category is the Rio Beach Boy Folding Backpack Beach Chair.

Most low-gravity beach chairs have a 300lbs weight capacity

Low-gravity chairs are usually low-profile options and are designed for people with back problems. So, they have an ergonomic design and feature extra lumbar cushioning. 

Though these chairs are solid in build, they mostly have a 300lbs weight capacity. One of the best picks in this category is the Strongback Low Gravity Beach Chair. 

Overall, low gravity beach chairs are wide to accommodate huge guys who weigh less than 300 pounds. 

The ALPS Mountaineering King Kong Beach Chair is the best 800lbs beach chair

The ALPS Mountaineering King Kong Beach Chair comes in a rock-hard build to hold up to 800 pounds. 

This chair may be a high-capacity option, and even massive in appearance, but usually is lighter than most beach chairs with smaller weight capacities.

It only weighs 13 pounds, which makes it readily portable. Its armrests are adjustable, and it comes with a carry bag to pack and carry it conveniently. 

Wheeled beach chairs tend to have a smaller holding capacity

Some beach chairs come with wheels to allow you to push or pull them instead of lifting. 

Interestingly, some of these chairs convert into beach carts. A perfect example is the Mac Sports MAC Sports-Beach Day Lounger, which comes with a 225 lbs capacity. 

You expect this chair to come with a large holding capacity because of its ability to convert into a cart, but that is not the case. Having wheels puts a restriction on its holding capacity. 

So, if you are looking for a chair that holds more loads, go for an option without wheels.

 How Much Weight Can a Beach Chair Hold?

2. Material Type

The type of material hugely determines the overall strength of a beach chair and its holding capacity. The most typical materials are aluminum, steel, and wood. 

Aluminum is generally lightweight, and so most aluminum chairs have smaller weight capacities. Steel is usually the strongest, and that makes it the heaviest. As a result, steel is known to produce most heavy duty beach chairs. 

So, expect most steel beach chairs to have more weight capacities than most aluminum chairs. 

Wood chairs, on the other hand, are mostly heavier than aluminum chairs and sometimes even more than steel beach chairs. So, they are not the most portable and tend to have varying load capacities. 

Some wood beach chairs only come with a 225lbs weight limit while others have a 300lbs weight limit. 

3. Chair Size

Though it doesn’t apply to all beach chairs, most wide beach chairs come with higher weight capacities. That’s because they are designed for plus-size guys. 

So, if you are big and are looking for a decent outdoor chair, consider the wide beach chairs.

 The seat, together with the backrest, should be broader to accommodate your big body. 

4. Age of the User

You don’t expect kids beach chairs to hold as much weight as adult beach chairs. So, they understandably weigh less. 

While most adult beach chairs weight 300 lbs on average, most kids’ beach chairs don’t hold more than 75 pounds. One of the best kids beach chair with a 75lbs weight capacity is the Baby Delight Go With Me Chair. 

 How Much Weight Can a Beach Chair Hold?

How Do You Pick the Right Beach Chair’s Weight Capacity?

Now that you know the factors that determine the holding capacities for beach chairs, you should find your perfect pick. The question is, how? 

It’s pretty simple; go for a chair with a weight capacity that exceeds your current body weight. So, if you weigh 300 pounds, go for a 350lbs or something more. 


The holding capacities of beach chairs depend on the chair type, material type, chair size, and age of the user. The good news is that there are comfortable beach chairs for all ages. 

So, you have to look carefully to find a chair that shall comfortably support your weight.