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How to Achieve a High-end Bathroom

How to Achieve A High End Bathroom

If you are looking to revamp your bathroom in the near future, you might be wondering what style you want to go for, what design you’d like, and what features you’d like to incorporate. But how do you achieve a high-end look for your bathroom? What sort of items should you install, and what finishing touches you could add to make your new bathroom a little bit classier and a little more luxurious?

We believe that a high-end look for your bathroom will not only provide you with an aesthetically attractive bathroom, but will also give you a bathroom that will stand the test of time and is easy to maintain for years to come. By investing in high quality, you should be able to achieve a high-end bathroom with ease.

Your Current Bathroom

If your current bathroom is old and outmoded, then it is no surprise that you want to shift it into the 21st century and give it a makeover. But have you ever thought about how outdated your current bathroom is? Many of us don’t realize how much water is wasted by using bathroom items that are more than 10 years old. In fact, an old-style toilet will use up 3 times as much water per flush as a newer water-saving toilet. Imagine how much all of that extra water adds up to your water bill!

In addition to older items using too much water, they could also be harboring all sorts of germs and debris in the pipes and mechanisms. Take your faucets; for example, as the water is pulled up through the system, it brings all sorts of debris. This debris builds up inside the faucet where you are unable to clean properly, and this, in turn, creates a multiplying ground for bacteria. By replacing your faucets every 10 years or so, you should be able to keep them clean and keep your bathroom more hygienic.

Consider Your Ideal Bathroom

So, what is your ideal bathroom? Do you yearn for a luxurious space where you can relax and take some time for yourself? Maybe you To Determine what sort of high-end bathroom, you want BEFORE you start researching and planning, it will help you focus on what is important and stop you from splurging on items that you don’t actually want. Try documenting a list of requirements that your bathroom should have and include even the smallest details such as a shaver socket near the sink or power sockets for an illuminated mirror.

 How to Achieve A High End Bathroom

How to Achieve a High-End Bathroom – A Step by Step Guide

  • Plan Your Layout

Nothing says high end like space, so in order for you to achieve this, you will need to consider the dimensions and flow of your bathroom. If you are tight on space, then look into compact style bathroom suites and think about using glass as dividers to create the illusion of more space. If you have lots of room, then think about possibly adding a “relaxation area” with seating. As well as thinking about the positioning of your items, also think about the plumbing and electrical elements that will need to be installed as well. These factors may force you to alter your layout, so it is much better to find this out at the planning stage rather than mid-way through your renovation.

  • Allocate Your Budget

Whatever your budget is, the general rule of thumb is that you allocate around 50% of it to fixtures (i.e., sink, toilet, bathtub, etc.) The remaining 50% can be split between labors, flooring, tiling, and décor. Try to factor in a contingency and, if possible, do as much of the work yourself as you can, so that you can invest more heavily on a high-end look. If you aren’t confident with your DIY skill and want to learn more, check out this article on how to install a wall hung toilet.

  • Upgrade Your Basics

One effective way to get the high end look for your bathroom is to upgrade your items. Consider installing a designer bathroom suite, look for shower faucets with extra functions, and experiment with adding technology into your bathroom. Check out this ultimate checklist for a complete guide on how to pick the right bathroom faucet. In addition to this, try to upgrade your décor as well. A high spec floor and tiles will stand out and make the room much more luxurious.

  • Add in Smart Features

Technology is now finding its way into bathroom design, and you’ll be surprised how many products you can buy that are automatic, motion sensor activated, and voice-activated. Why not invest some of your budgets into adding some tech into your bathroom. This could be a motion sensor activated illuminated mirror, smart speakers installed in the ceiling, or even a super-smart toilet (they even clean themselves)!

  • Don’t Forget the Finishing Touches

A quick way to get a high end look for less is to add some expensive-looking finishing touches. Styling your bathroom as you would a bedroom or living room can really make the difference, so think about adding artwork to the walls, incorporating some rugs, and adding decorative items to add a bit of luxury to the room.

 How to Achieve A High End Bathroom

Save Water Where Possible

Water is one of our most precious commodities, and it is vital that we all play our part to make sure that we conserve water and use it as sparingly as possible. Thankfully, almost all new bathroom suites and faucets are now water-saving, which will help you keep your water usage down. If you have a difficult time to decide whether a product is truly water-saving, then take a look for the WaterSense Certification. This certification is a set of standards produced by the EPA and ensures that any product with a WaterSense Certification is energy efficient and able to be fitted into any bathroom across the US.

Invest in Quality

Another way to ensure a high-end bathroom is to invest wisely in high-quality products. By buying cheaper, plastic faucets or bathroom furniture, you will not only see the difference in the quality, but you will also notice the difference when things start to go wrong in your bathroom 6 months after you’ve renovated. Instead, buy products from solid, high-grade materials that are manufactured by reputable brands. This will save you money in the long run and will also help you get the high end look you are striving for.

Choose Functions Over Style

Just because something is beautiful doesn’t mean it is right for your bathroom. Take a rainfall shower head, for example. While these beautiful, big, glossy, square rainfall shower heads make a big impact visually, many of them don’t provide any other functions apart from a rainfall effect. This can be aggravating when you are trying to have a quick shower before work, trying to get the kids washed or trying to swish around the shower after cleaning it. Think about the number of functions a product has so that you don’t waste your money on an item that is gorgeous but is only usable once a week.

If you are going to renovate your bathroom soon, then we suggest you seriously consider how you can get that high-end look and sustain it for years to come. Not only will it improve your home, but it will also withstand daily use and still look good.