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How to Achieve Incredible Feats of Interior Design

How to Achieve Incredible Feats of Interior Design

Although baby boomers spend three times as much on home remodeling than millennials, the younger generation are catching up with a 7% increase each year. This shows how renovation is a hobby that all generations can take part in. Normally, a conservatory or new kitchen countertops are the way to go, but why not think bigger? Perhaps you’ve always wanted a futuristic design or a unique interior like no other. It’s your home and you can do anything you like with it, so it’s time to get ambitious. This can be daunting, but it’s all worth it in the end, so here are a few tips to make your dream remodel become a reality (images The Box / Toledano+Architects – © Amit Geron).

Get Financial Protection

Other than the purchase of the house itself, a remodel is likely the most you will ever spend on a single project. Finding the money can be a tough ask, so losing it really isn’t an option. Financial protection can help to provide peace of mind in terms of looking after your property, so you can go ahead and pursue your dreams without fear.

 How to Achieve Incredible Feats of Interior Design

Hire the Best Architects

No matter how creative your mind is, you won’t be able to carry out a feat of renovation without the right expertise. Architects are expensive, but it is well worth getting the best you can afford. They will have the vision and the knowhow to completely transform your home into something both amazing and unique. A survey by Zapa found that the average profit from an extension was $14,000. However, if you are designing a stunning movie theater room, outdoor spa, or rooftop pool, the unique nature of this is bound to result in a larger return on investment.

Be Creative

So you have the financial and expert backing, but how do you decide what to build? The trick to achieving anything amazing lies in creativity. A beige kitchen has been done a million times before – think bigger. Observe your home’s layout carefully and consider what can be achieved. Could a hatch into a wine cellar be hidden within the kitchen island? Do you have high enough ceilings to create a chillout space above a room? Have fun with it and there’s no limit.

 How to Achieve Incredible Feats of Interior Design

Utilize Loft and Outdoor Space

There are two often ignored areas of any property: the attic and the outdoors. People focus in on creating an amazing master bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom, forgetting that the biggest transformation can occur elsewhere. Most lofts remain largely empty, so why not store your items elsewhere and turn this area into a pillow space or games room? If you live somewhere with fairly good weather, then make your garden into an amazing natural environment. Swimming pools carved into rocks, bathtubs surrounded by trees, treehouses, and obstacle courses, all make for ambitious, but achievable renovation projects.

When considering your interior design, think bigger. Get creative with your space and create a home you will fall in love with every day. Just remember to get the help of the best experts and acquire a warranty to ensure that everything goes to plan.