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How to Create a Luxury Kitchen

How to Create a Luxury Kitchen

Kitchens have become the social hub for most modern families with everyone gathering in these spaces. If your kitchen needs some updating to adapt to your new way of living, or if you just fancy a change, here are some top tips on creating a luxury kitchen for all the family to enjoy.

Out with the old

Take a look at your kitchen and see what needs changing and updating. You might not need to change everything. There may just be a couple of things that are going wrong and that can be easily fixed. Here is a list of common kitchen problems and how to solve them.

  • Mold: it is sometimes hard to know how to get rid of mold as it can constantly reoccur. Reasons for mold vary but water leaks, dampness and humidity are all very common causes.
  • Smelly drainage: if your kitchen sink produces a foul smell, try pouring soda crystals and white vinegar down your drain and leaving it for a couple of minutes to work its magic before washing away with boiling water.
  • Insufficient light: light is an essential part of the kitchen. Consider adding more windows or better light fittings to add a luxury feel to your kitchen and brighten up the space.

Choose your fittings

Fittings set the tone for the entire room and have the power to make your kitchen look luxurious. Monochrome colors, sleek designs and flat designs that hide handles and entrance points are very on trend. If you want everything to appear neat and orderly, it might be an idea to go for handle-less fittings as they achieve this as well as consistent vertical lines throughout your kitchen. Ensure your kitchen sink is modern. Follow sink engineering blog to get updated information about the luxury kitchen sink fixtures.

 How to Create a Luxury Kitchen

Go for an island

Islands are ideal for storage, food preparation and as a social space for parties or nibbles. If your island is designed with an indent, you could also use it as a breakfast bar, which are perfect for mornings with the family. For a further touch of luxury, you could go for a marble countertop. Not only is marble durable, but it will also add a unique element to your design.

Pick a color scheme

In modern kitchens, a neutral color is advised. This is because it is appealing to most people and will add value to your property if you ever wish to sell. However, if this is your forever home and you prefer bold colors, you can make a statement and still achieve a luxury kitchen. The amount of natural light entering your room should also have an effect on what color you choose to go for. Overall, a modern kitchen requires elegance with light tones and is not the place for bright experimental colors as you risk creating a harsh atmosphere. Blank flour sack dish towels are a great place to start and add a little flare to your decor. If you want a bold effect that is also welcoming, deep burgundies and reds are a good place to go.

Be experimental with your ceiling

Adding a tray or coffered ceiling is a wonderful technique for adding dimension and detail to your kitchen. A plain ceiling can be made special with the addition of molding around the sides as this creates a layer of interest to the room. The less detail you give to the molding will determine the modernity of the kitchen.

Add a backsplash

A backsplash not only has an important function but also adds an aesthetic appeal to your kitchen. Large format tile designs, unexpected materials and engraved tiles make a huge difference and a luxurious feel to any kitchen. You can make your backsplash as striking as you want but remember sometimes less is more.

 How to Create a Luxury Kitchen

Hide your appliances

You probably have or want an appliance for everything but the key to making your kitchen more modern and luxurious is to keep your appliances hidden. It’s up to you how much you want to display but modern kitchens are designed to be sleek and minimal. Accent shelving could be an option to break up the cabinetry and allow room for displaying small niche items or accessories.

Mix the materials

Many high-end kitchens are mixing materials with one of the most popular looks being a mixture of wood and stone. You can also mix your metals for a luxurious feel. This trend allows you to create a sleek, modern look whilst mixing in all the things you like and can create a warmer feel than a consistent and symmetrical kitchen. You may want to talk to an interior designer to help you get this right as without the right knowledge your kitchen could end up looking messy rather than chic.


Once you have decided what luxury kitchen look is for you, make sure to create a plan, budget and a timeframe. By organizing more meticulously, you are more likely to stay on budget and get it done in a timely manner. This also means you are able to live comfortably while you make the changes you want to your kitchen so it can be as luxurious as possible.