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How to Create a Luxury Room on a Budget 

A bedroom isn’t just where you sleep, it’s where you relax, enjoy time with your partner and escape from the everyday stresses of the day. This means it needs to be a welcoming, soothing space but why not make it just a little luxurious at the same time?

Luxury doesn’t have to be expensive either, there are a number of small changes you can make to create a luxurious bedroom on a budget. Here’s how: 

1. Remove any clutter 

It’s safe to say that clutter isn’t very luxurious. Piles of clothes, overflowing drawers and messy bedside tables don’t equal harmony nor elegance. So, the first thing to do is to take a look at your storage solutions and move any clutter into these to get them out of the way – a clear out helps too! Consider a bed with storage,we love the range from Divan Beds Centre that lift to reveal a large storage space underneath. These solutions allow you to keep spare bedding and towels and even pyjamas tucked neatly out of the way. 

2. Add accessories 

Your bedding may consist of just two pillows and a duvet when you go to sleep but if you’re looking to add that luxurious touch then go wild with accessories such as scatter cushions, faux fur throws and decorative pillows that can be featured on top of the ones you sleep on. 

 How to Create a Luxury Room on a Budget 

3. Make the bed 

Of course, all those accessories won’t mean much if you don’t make the effort to make the bed each day. When you rise in the morning, be sure to take a moment to neaten up the duvet spread, plump up the pillows and drape your blanket over the end. 

It gives the room a neat and finished look and a luxurious touch. It’s also a great way of starting the day, encourages productivity and can even lower stress – take a look at this article from The Spruce to learn more. 

4. Have fun with texture 

Velvet curtains, teddy bear throws, silk sheets, tasselled cushions – all of these materials are sure to enhance and add a little luxury to the room. If you’re on a budget, considering adding just one or two textures to the room to give it that elegant vibe, making the bed the main focus. 

 How to Create a Luxury Room on a Budget 

5. Light it up 

Your light fitting could be considered the centrepiece of the room so choose something that’s unequivocally glamorous. We love mini chandeliers that throw spectacular shapes on the walls when lit up or dim tasselled lampshades that create soft lighting, great when you’re ready to unwind for the night. 

6. Paint a feature wall 

Colour can help create a more luxurious feel in your bedroom. Black, dark purple, navy, dark green and dusky pinks are all modern but glamorous colours that would look stunning on a feature wall when paired with gold accessories. 

For example, a forest green wall behind the bed with a large gold framed mirror and an elegant chandelier are just three elements that when combined, create the perfect look for a luxury bedroom. You can buy non-branded paint to save money and upcycle a second-hand mirror (painting it gold) to achieve this look if you’re on a budget. 

These features can all add that feeling of luxury while still allowing you to stick to a budget. Try them out!