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How to Decorate to Make Your Home Seem Bigger

Dining room overlooking the backyard

Sometimes our homes or spaces can feel tiny or restricting. This can be because they actually are small or because of the way they are decorated. It’s incredible how just a few tweaks can make a space seem bigger, but every inch counts when you’re talking about small spaces.

As the real estate agents at Shawn Lepp Group know, there are plenty of decorating tricks to make a space feel bigger. Whether your space is small or just feels small, we have the tips and tricks to maximize the feeling of space and openness and make your home feel bigger. 

Show Some Leg

Allowing light and air to flow over, under and through furniture goes a long way to creating a sense of movement. Covering legs up can make furniture seem as though it’s bigger, boxier, and taking up much more space in a room than it is. Open arms and exposed legs can make the furniture appear almost floating, giving an airy effect. 

Reflect On It

Making spaces seem bigger and brighter than they are is about maximizing the sense of light and air. A sense of openness and movement creates the illusion of more space.

Mirrors can be the greatest tool in creating a sense of openness. They reflect both natural and artificial light and bounce it around to different areas of the room. They also reflect the view. This tricks the eye into perceiving more space than is there.

 Bedroom with sloping roof

Go Bare

Heavy drapes and rugs can weigh down a room. Removing these things from a room empty it out, creating an open and flowy sense of space. If you need covering for windows for privacy, consider roller shades or a light, flowy fabric.

Lighten Up

It’s a well-known fact in interior design that light colored walls brighten things up and, in turn, serve to open up a space. Light colors are more reflective than dark colors, which tend to absorb light and make spaces seem smaller. Soft tones like white, off-white, gray and blue are ideal for taking advantage of every corner of the room.

Clear the Clutter

Another great way to ensure a room feels like it has plenty of space is to physically create space by removing clutter. When you look around your home, consider how many belongings are not serving any purpose anymore.

Even if you feel like everything does serve a function, it might be time to get tough if your space is still feeling small. Move excess furniture and belongings out of the room for a week, and then decide if you actually missed what you removed. There’s a good chance you didn’t and can leave those items out of the room and enjoy the extra space their removal has created.

Try using these tips to create the extra space in your home you need to be able to enjoy it and not feel so cramped.