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How To Design An Easy Clean Bathroom

Close-up of free-standing sink

Bathrooms offer a place to decompress and wash off after a long day, but dirt can hinder that. A dirty bathroom will be unsanitary with a foul smell that may leave you feeling dirty. And even though you perform regular cleaning, you may need to improve the design of the bathroom, which is vital in keeping your bathroom germ-free.

When you make the right design choices, you will be able to keep your bathroom clean and your family healthy. A clean bathroom will also kill bacteria that put you at risk of diseases, thus creating a hazardous surrounding.

Get The Right Ventilation

Chances are your bathroom is damp and humid due to the showers and baths taken, and it’s vital to keep them well ventilated. When you install the correct type of ventilation, you can prevent mold growth that causes health issues, including rashes, asthma, and many more.

If you don’t fancy a bathroom extractor fan, you can opt to add a window as a form of ventilation. For that extra air purity, get an air purifier from comfydwellings.com that will sanitize the air by removing harmful elements, neutralizing odors, and many more.

Install Quality Bath Materials

The saying cheap is expensive has never been wrong, especially for bathroom materials. Quality materials tend to last longer and won’t need replacement after a short period. For instance, cheap boards with thin vanities finish will swell and peel off, making cleaning difficult.

However, when you invest in quality materials such as fiberglass for your bathtub, you will ease the cleaning process. These materials are low maintenance and easy to clean, with Best Bathtub Cleaner giving excellent results.

Quality bathtub materials retain heat exceptionally well and are long-lasting with different shapes that don’t harbor dirt.

Use Tiles For Your Walls

Bathroom walls should have tiles to resist moisture that may have otherwise damaged wallpaper or paint. You will also have an easier time cleaning dirt, mold, and mildew from a tiled wall than concrete or wallpapers.

These tiles are water-resistant as they repel the water or soap that splashes on them. Cleaning the tiles is as easy as wiping with cleaning products. And unlike painted walls that become discolored over time, your tiles will remain clean and crisp.

 Shower enclosure with mosaic tiles and shower curtain

Use Large Format Tiles For Your Floors

Tiles have grout lines that are always challenging during your cleaning process since it traps dirt. Tile grout collects dirt, spills, and germs, which require deep cleaning. And when choosing tiles for your bathroom, it would be best to avoid smaller tiles with more grout lines that will take more time and effort to clean.

However, the tile layout in large format tiles has tiny grout lines since the tile offers more coverage. And having less surface to scrub on large tiles will make cleaning a breeze.

Remove Any Dirt Trap

Any area where dirt can accumulate is a dirt trap that allows bacteria to thrive. And when bacteria get a place to thrive. Moreover, it will increase the chances of getting an infection and makes it harder to keep it clean.

For instance, when installing grab rails, consider using concealed flanged rails to hide and lower the number of dirt traps. Another place that traps dirt is your surface with numerous items, such as your foundation. You can keep these surfaces clear by installing storage spaces.

Hence, it will be easier to clean when your surfaces are kept clear without moving many items that trap dirt.

Keep The Floor Clean

You can keep your bathroom floor clear by installing wall-hung features such as a vanity unit. These features are mounted on the wall without any pedestal underneath to support them.

This design makes cleaning easy as you will have clear floors to pass your mop. You can also mount your toilet, making it easier to reach every bend and turn during cleaning.

Install A Waste Trap

Ensure that the shower and washbasin drain has a waste trap during plumbing. These traps will stop bacteria, smells and trap hair which will help you maintain hygiene in your bathroom and keep it clean.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, maintaining cleanliness in your bathroom is vital in preventing molds from growing and keeping germs away. As a result, incorporating designs that make it easy to clean your bathroom should be your top priority.

Go through your options and find contractors who will help you execute your design correctly. Find strategies and quality materials that will make cleaning a breeze, such as mounting features on the wall and installing large tiles with less grout to clean.