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How to Find Your Interior Design Style

Modern open-plan living area

Have you just bought a new home that needs a complete do-over, or want to jazz up your existing living space but you’re just not quite sure where to start? Finding your design style can definitely be a bit daunting – maybe you like lots of different things, or you have a seed of an idea but don’t quite know where to go with it – it’s a lot to get your head around. 

But don’t fret, the good news is there are a few simple steps you can go through that will help you discover your design style and bring some much-needed clarity to your interior design plans. Let’s take a look.

1. What’s the feeling?

Wanting to spend your time somewhere is less about ticking all those practical boxes and more about how it makes you feel. When trying to focus on a design style, think about how your favourite places make you feel and how you might emulate that. 

Do you like the open, light and artistic feel of a gallery? Play around with an art and light hanging system to curate your own home gallery and evoke a similar feel. Do you like the cosy, old-world feel of a book shop? Try out a cosy reading nook with leather armchairs, antique bookcases, and a library ladder to recreate a similar environment. 

2. Choose keywords

Trying to fit in too many design concepts will leave your space feeling like a confused mishmash of ideas. Try to pick two or three keywords that most describe the feeling you want to create. It might be cosy, Mediterranean, opulent, modern, farmhouse, or something else entirely. 

Whatever your keywords are, keep them in mind and refer back to them every time you make a design decision or think about buying something. Does this fabric fit with the keywords? Will this piece of furniture complement the theme? Keywords will help you stay focused.

 Bathroom with industrial details

3. Create a mood board

Mood boards are a great way to start building on design ideas and keywords. Before you start throwing paint on the walls, a mood board can help you pull together ideas on colour palettes, textures, fabrics and fixtures to help you visualise what your room might look like, and importantly what you should and shouldn’t buy. 

Pinterest, a kind of online pinboard, is a great way to create a virtual mood board that you can keep adding ideas to and refining (no paper magazine cutouts necessary). Use your keywords e.g. ‘traditional, Moroccan kitchen’ to search for design inspiration.

4. Study designs you like

When creating your mood board and saving pictures you like, think about why. What is it that draws you to the image? Is it the artwork, the traditional feel, the opulent wallpaper, the bold colours, or the vintage rug that speaks to you? 

If you study images you like, you might also realise things you don’t like; maybe you’ll discover you’re actually not keen on those crystal light fitting or floral cushion covers. 

If you delve a bit deeper into what you like and don’t like you’ll be able to hone in on your design style and make more confident design decisions. 

5. Try an online quiz

If you’re still not totally confident, or just want a bit more of a fun and interactive way to help you find your interior design style, why not try an online quiz? There are lots to choose from, like the interior design style quiz from Queer Eye’s design icon Bobby Berk. They normally take a minute or two to click through, are fun to do, and could help give you a steer on the design style that’s right for you. 

Follow these steps to help you find your interior design style. Engage your imagination, bring your personality into your home, and don’t be scared to try different things. With a bit of thinking, planning, and practice you’ll find the design ideas that work for you and start making your interior design dreams a reality.