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How to Make a Small Bathroom Look Big

How to Make a Small Bathroom Look Big

Dealing with the frustrations of a small bathroom can be quite daunting. However, we’re happy to announce that there’s hope. Our series of creative tips and tricks will transform your small bathroom into the beautiful, spacious room you envision it to be.

1. Eliminate all unnecessary clutter

Try to organize your bathroom by sorting out clutter on respective shelves. Sort out the items you need discarding and the ones you don’t. Laundry can be placed in a neat basket. 

Toothbrushes and dental products go well into a container. Medicine and pills can be stacked in a medicine closet. Declutter your bathroom regularly to leave it looking clean, neat, and spacious.

2. Use posters with bright or natural colors

A correctly placed poster helps build up the atmosphere of your bathroom. Seek bright-colored posters to help amplify the amount of natural light reflected in the room. When hanging up a poster, the best place to put it would be away from the door.

A standard or ‘A1’ sized poster boasting luminous colors such as orange, white, bright red are your best bet. The more captivating the design the more intrigue you create within the room. Consider interesting floral patterns, splashes, and mosaic type posters. Vectors and shapes are also good. Or, if you’re feeling creative, make your own poster.

3. Paint the ceiling the same color as your walls

Matching your wall and ceiling color creates an illusion of continuity in your bathroom. This cuts down intersecting points, gradually forming an even plane all through while leaving the room aesthetically widespread. 

The sight leaves you feeling flustered as it seems it goes on forever. Matching colors blend well against corners, edges, and weird angles within the bathroom. For effect, you may decide to slightly tone down the ceiling paint to a darker shade. 

It will still make your bathroom spacious while lessening the chaos with some contrast.

 How to Make a Small Bathroom Look Big

4. Introduce natural light into your bathroom

Natural light will brighten up the place leaving it looking lively and bright. A well-lit room often appears grand in stature. You can decide to play around with the luminosity by installing solar tunnels which increase the sunlight your bathroom gets. 

Also often clear out any items blocking your window. Things like sprays and other items can be assorted in their rightful places leaving your window with ample space. If you live adjacent to others, choose a translucent window shade. 

It will help provide the right amount of natural light while protecting your privacy from pesky neighbors.

5. Stretch the shower tile up to the ceiling

Install shower tiles on the base of the shower and gradually up the walls ending at the ceiling to create a bigger looking room.

 It unifies the space between the shower, floor, and wall while erasing the horizontal lines in the room. Horizontal lines diminish the size of the room while vertical lines increase its appearance. This gives off the impression that the ceiling is much larger than it is.

6. Install a mirror strategically

The bigger, the better! Nothing makes a room appear larger than mirrors. 

The key is to install a large mirror preferably extending to the ceiling. Placing a mirror on the sink counter opposite the door is another great concept. 

Both of these ideas generate the appearance of a larger room. With mirrors, light gets reflected and dispersed well across the room thus making the room seem grand.

7. Use an open shelf

Open shelves add a nice perception of depth into your bathroom. Having one mounted onto the wall is a great way to store your items in a neat and organized manner with your bathroom appearing spacious. 

An open shelf enhances the effect to a larger extent as items are visible in the open while closed shelves only add to shrinking the appearance of the room.

 How to Make a Small Bathroom Look Big

8. Sort your beauty products in a makeup organizer

We all know how messy that makeup corner is. Concealer, primer, eyeshadow, lipstick, contour, brushes, and pencils can be stacked in a makeup organizer. 

The best thing about using it is that it offers ample storage while assorting your makeup in different sections, keeping things neat and tidy. 

Also, the reduction of clutter boosts the overall appearance of your bathroom leaving it looking spacious.

9. Utilize clear glass for the shower

When you install shower curtains, rails, and patterned glass your bathroom feels like it contains an extra wall which makes it look small. 

Transparent glass lets you peer through the interior exposing corners of the room. Any light within the room gets refracted effectively in clear, open space causing it to appear roomy. 

For enhancement, consider plain glass without any frames, metal, or rubber attached at the edges.

10. Avoid using patterned wallpaper

Drop the wallpaper and instead focus on working with paints and tiles. Ideally, you want to keep the room’s natural lighting. 

A well-lit room appears extensive so having wallpaper set up negates the effect and also takes up more space. This makes the walls look closer to each other than they are causing the room to seem smaller.

Final Thoughts

Applying these effective principals to your bathroom will overhaul the grandeur of the room. We take into consideration that not everyone has to option of extending the room, instead, we offer different methods one can utilize to rearrange their personal space to look more appealing and spacious.